5 Advantages of Renting a Villa with A Private Pool in Bali


Bali Villas swimming pool is generally good, but it would be even better if the pool is private.

Vacation amidst the hustle and bustle of life is necessary. A calm atmosphere and privacy need obtaining to restore energy and clear your mind. Relaxing by renting a villa can help.

The facility that offers usually need paying attention more when choosing the villa to rent. One of the facilities that what can take into consideration in choosing a villa is the swimming pool. Spending time at the villa can indeed be done in the room, for example, watching or just resting. However, it is not uncommon for someone to want get rid of boredom and choose to relax in the pool. You can do many swimming pool activities, from playing water, just relaxing, to floating lunch.

Here are 5 advantages of renting a villa with a private pool:

#1 Privacy

Private, so you will be able to relax, enjoy your drink, read your book, listen to your music and sunbathe without getting disturbed. It’s you who decide who shares the pool with you. This degree of privacy makes your holiday’s rest a treasure for your body, your sleeping habits, your emotional and psychological well-being, restore your energy, etc. especially if you have small children with you.

#2 Safer for children and they love it

Having kids playing on a crowded beach is often a rather stressful experience for most parents, worrying about their safety. Children love the idea of having a pool to play, dive and splash all day just for themselves. So why not choose the private one for safety and comfort while you can?

#3 Simple pleasures for simpler days

Sometimes we just want to stay at our villa and relax after an exhausting trip the day before. A private pool can be an excellent treat for you. Relaxing by just float lazily for as long as you want, and let the water carry your burden and relieve any muscular tension.

#4 Host a private family pool party!

If you rent a villa with family, a fun family pool party should never be left out of the vacation to-do list. Unfortunately, you can’t do that at a water park or at sharing pool villa. You wouldn’t enjoy it at a crowded beach either.

At a private pool villa, not only can you bring as much food as you want near the pool for your loved ones to snack on, but you can also enhance your vacation experience with freedom, comfort, and privacy.

#5 As clean as you wish it to be

Although Bali’s beaches are so great, some people do not feel comfortable swimming and splashing and diving in the same water a few hundred other people, utterly strange to them, also swim. Others have issues with pets swimming beside them, while parents may not have themselves a problem with all these, they are often disturbed to have their children exposed to such circumstances. Solution?

A private pool solves all these issues in the best way possible, for it can be as clean and crystalline as you wish it to be! Fewer people means far better hygiene and no worries. A private pool provides you with full control of the quality and cleanliness of the water. Your pool, your rules.

The above advantages do not mean that you cannot obtain them in a shared villa pool, but a private pool is more likely to bring out these benefits.

KajaNe Bali Villas offers villas with private pools that help you get the benefits above. Need help with a reservation? Contact us at the numbers listed below.

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