5 Things to Start Planning your first trip post-COVID-19

Many countries and regions have imposed quarantines, entry bans, or other restrictions for citizens of or recent travellers to the most affected areas as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve been tasked with putting travel plans on hold and staying home to “flatten the curve.” In the meantime, we can daydream and use these tips below to start planning that glorious first post-pandemic vacation.

Planning What To Do & Where To Go

This is always the most fun part of planning for a trip: finding all the amazing things we’ll do once we arrive! Getting this information virtually is the only possible way you could do at the moment. Stay tune at KajaNe TV to give insight or plan your trip itinerary

Plan Vacation Accommodation

At this point, we typically have some idea of where are the cool neighborhoods are and where is most of the stuff we want to see? This way, we’re not just booking blindly, however we can look at the map for each accommodation and decide based on whether we’ll be doing things nearby or not.

Plan Your Arrival

It’s so easy to get confused and lost, especially when arriving somewhere that isn’t primarily English speaking. That first experience of leaving the airport and navigating to your accommodation is our first impression of a place, so we always want it to go smoothly!
Thus, having a hotel that could do everything all in one should you option to choose. KajaNe is an option for one stop travelling plan. Let the burden on us, and start daydream a fantastic escape you could have when travelling is possible.

Planning Travel Logistics

Once we’ve got all of the logistics taken care of, we won’t have to spend any time sitting in our hotel room frantically Googling our plan for the day, or worse, wasting our time to get somewhere only to find out it’s closed or too expensive. Instead, we simply wake up, scroll through our document and find whatever we feel like doing that day, and have all of the information we need already available.

Choose Hotels with clear protocol post COVID-19

Travelling might be slightly change when the COVID19 starting to go. It will be the best to choose accommodation which has high standard of cleanliness and providing high priority on their valued guests. Thus, choosing accommodation might be need and extra time.
In responds to current condition, KajaNe has taken extra precaution on its standard of cleanliness. Its priority remains the same, its wellbeing employee and its valued guests. To do so, KajaNe has adjusted its cleanliness standard to meet current condition.

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