Eid Al-Fitr Is in Sight: Bali Anticipates African COVID-19 Virus

Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin convinced Indonesian residents to continue carrying out the 5M movement. Those include wearing masks, maintaining distance, washing hands, avoiding crowds, and reducing mobility. This campaign is of course to anticipate Covid-19. What we are afraid of has gotten to a realization; the Indian and South African variants now exist in Indonesia. Quoting liputan6.com, two incidents of the Indian virus were identified in Jakarta by May 3. In addition, a variant of the South African virus has been found in Bali. Immediate action is a must considering that these variants have been the focus of WHO (World Health Organization) for their high transmission rates.

Isolation and tracing of contact history must be intensively executed to see the progress of the case while it remains under control. The hope is, of course, that along with this fast handling will prevent the virus from becoming more widespread. This is certainly a challenge for Bali tourism to spark off. Meanwhile, from May 6-17, the homecoming ban takes effect ahead of the Idul Fitri 1442 celebration. The goal is to protect the citizens in order to remain safe from crowds and the dangers of Covid-19. Many Muslims, at the moment, have started their travel to avoid sanctions deriving from the homecoming restriction established on May 6-17.

Homecoming Ban for Idul Fitri in Indonesia

Unfortunately, Indonesia has passed 2 times Ramadan in the context of the covid-19. Post-fasting, Muslims will spend time together with their relatives to celebrate Eid. They will visit their relatives in their hometown and beseech apology to one another. The following procession will be a banquet. To prevent the contagion, the government rigorously forbids the citizens from returning to their hometown as long as Indonesia continues to be afflicted with the Covid-19 case to all levels of society.

In their operations, task forces TNI and Polri security officers will perform surveillance at various arrival gates in strategic areas and special routes. Strict sanctions are also imposed on travelers who do not complete the required medical documents and repatriate them. In addition, upon arrival at the destination, they also have to go through quarantine for 5 days. This action applies to land, sea, and air travel modes.

Nevertheless, the government bestows these groups an exception especially those with urgent interests such as:

  • The group with travel permits for business travel and government affairs
  • Logistic vehicles
  • Those who have passed the screening of covid-19 documents

The current government’s effort also involves the prevention of society from having their grand religious activities take place on a wide scale. This is in view of a large number of Islam adherents in Indonesia. The proclivity is these gathering events will somehow trigger the growth of this virus. While vaccination is in the progress of distribution, the hope is so the vaccines can reduce the death rate and the various possibilities that aggravate the sufferer’s condition.

Out of every life aspect, health becomes the very first thing to attend. Therefore, protecting our loved ones from the worst is the ultimate priority during this critical time. This does not mean that holidays in May are not insignificant.

Eid Al-Fitr in Bali Before the Pandemic

People are really enthusiastic about the long holiday that will fall on Ramadan Kareem. Mostly, they will take their relatives for a vacation. Before the pandemic, a considerable number of tourist destinations would be crowded with local tourists. Bali was one of the islands with a high number of visits ahead of Ramadan. But at the same time, Bali would be less packed. At this point, a lot of merchants and those who were not of Bali origins would go back to their hometown. The airport and harbors were extremely busy due to the homecoming traffic lane. Mosques in Bali would also commemorate prayer gatherings comprising Muslims. In regards to the covid-19 case in Indonesia, the government surely avoids this to occur. Especially looking into how ignorant society is to comply with health protocols.

Bali offers a diverse of popular tourist attractions both natural tourism and regional tourism. Bali puts 80% of its economic sector in tourism industry. The spirit is still alive and intense, the tourism actors are optimistic about Bali tourism. To promote the campaign, manifold provisions and conditions for tourism to revive are in check. From priority for vaccine distribution to the implementation of CHSE, they are the form of our seriousness to gain the public trust all over again. The aim is to create a sense of security and to provide a safe retreat during our guests’ long vacation.

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