Is Bali Open for Tourism? (2021 News Update)

While some countries have made vacations possible like in Europe; Asia, on the other hand, not so much. Bali, however, has made good progress in lowering the figure of Covid-19 cases. Every week, the citizen in Bali waits anxiously to hear whether or not the Central Government continues the micro-level social restriction (PPKM). And they are glad to learn that situation has loosened up a bit. The tier of restrictions has been lowering down to the second and third levels. Then, does it mean “Bali open for tourism?”

How Bad Is Covid in Bali?

The topic of Bali tourism on brink of collapse has been viral on the internet. For the longest time ever, Bali shuts down from the tourism industry. Media coverage has captured some of the streets that used to be the hives for international visitors now are lonely and gloomy. Ubud, Seminyak, Canggu are no exception. People working in the industry have been through an employee reduction policy to minimize operational costs. Most of them have nowhere to go.

With the social restriction being applied, entrepreneurs are doubtful to run their offline stores. Religious rites, social and cultural gatherings are also limited.  While on the other hand, not everyone is capable and resourceful to operate online biz.  The little paradise that makes up almost every piece of it for the sake of tourism right now has done as best as it can to survive. To save up on operational costs, tourism actors target the local visitors. These are by special off rates for a night stay, day-use promos, and pay now stay later for faraway guests.

Is Bali Open for Tourism?

The local citizen might fly to Bali (domestic flights only but they need to transit from Jakarta) and enjoy a holiday. This is as long as they are proven negative covid-19, and observe the health protocols profoundly. Indonesia Government is concerned about opening up the borders for international tourists. This is because of the fear of uncontrollable increasing case management from a spike of infected figures again. The number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia remains volatile. This is due to the developing variants out of the virus. Although the government has maximized the distribution of vaccines, the world cannot foretell what will happen in the latter. The estimation to fully recover post-pandemic might even take years. Therefore, it is very unlikely for Bali to open for tourism (international visitors) till the end of 2022.  

What the Government Has In Store for Bali Tourism?

As a worldwide travel destination, Bali is so missed by its long-time visitors. In early 2021, the Minister of Tourism, Sandiaga Uno advised a grand plan for Bali tourism recovery by several projects from Travel Bubble and Work from Bali Campaign. Yet, the case was rising in no time (with almost 70% of the citizen had taken their jab of vaccine, tourist destinations are CHSE certified, and green zones being pursued) and everything has been postponed up to now. Tourism bounce back is obviously hard. Today, the Government closely monitors the virus development in Bali while waiting for the latest update of the G20 summit that will be happening around October. A movement to restore Bali tourism will adhere to the G20 summit to decide on whether or not Bali is ready to open for tourism. (source)

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How Can I Enter Bali Now?

Is Bali open for tourism? As published by the Foreign Ministry of Indonesia (effective since July 6), holders of KTP, KITAS, KITAP, Duty Visa, and Diplomatic Visa or those with stay permits may enter Bali with certain terms and conditions such as:

  • One must transit from International Airport Soekarno – Hatta in Jakarta as a direct flight to Bali is not available
  • Travelers must show a filled-out e-HAC (electronic Indonesia Health Alert Certificate) full vaccination card or a supporting note from the doctor if one cannot be vaccinated.
  • International travelers show negative PCR test results taken within a maximum of 3 days in their country of origin and show it to the Indonesian health authorities before departure (as the regulation frequently modifies please do consult the concerned airline). For domestic travelers, it’s a must to present their negative PCR test results taken 2 days before traveling.
  • Screening is also performed at the airport following 8-day and 7-night quarantine at the appointed hotel at one’s own expense. If tested positive, one will precede to the Covid isolation facility for 14-32 days at his own cost as well.
  • Exemption for quarantine is for those holding Diplomatic Visa on the ministerial level and visitors under Bilateral Travel Corridor Arrangement with Indonesia (TCA) such as the United Arab Emirates, People’s Republic of China, Republic of Korea, and Singapore.
  • Access the details through the official website of the Foreign Ministry of Indonesia here


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