Special Ramadan: Typical Days during Iftar Days in Bali

Ramadan Kareem or also known as ‘the fasting month’ or ‘bulan puasa’ is celebrated throughout Indonesia. Islamic devotees will go through a month waking up to suhoor. This is their early breakfast for the rest of the day. The fasting period breaks normally at adhan or ‘as the shift from afternoon to evening’. In Islam, Ramadan is a special month of the year. It is the moment when the Qur’an first unveiled.

The Fasting Month in Bali

Since Bali Island is dominated by Hindus, there is not much difference happening. The prominent view often found in Bali during the fasting month is that roads turning less crowded. Muslims left their stalls for a hometown visit causing the spike trip of people going out to their lovely birthplace. However, there are also a significant number of Muslims who choose to stay. This might be because they have been a local in Bali. Thus, Bali has become their hometown.

In the afternoon before suhoor or at Ramadan, one thing that catches the eyes is the appearance of mini stalls selling iftar meals and takjil (typical appetizers usually sweet in taste). All the way, they start from the afternoon until the vendors run out of stock. Another occasion is you can find no alcohol on the menu during Ramadan in Jakarta and other big Indonesian cities. On the other hand, the Bali nightlife scene remains relatively uninfluenced. Alternatively, alcoholic beverages are still available in Bali.

Idul Fitri in Bali 

To celebrate the revelation of the Qur’an, the Muslims believe that doing good deed doubles their heavenly reward. Good conduct has to be done without fails in the course of Ramadan. They include a month fasting to diminish their sins based on the guidance of the scripture. After 29-30 days passing by, they will gather together with their family and relatives to engage in Idul Fitri holy event. The peak for Ramadan is held for 2 days. These are days when Idul Fitri falls. Nonetheless, their holiday can last up to the rest of the week.

Before the due dates, there will be less traffic in most parts of Bali. Congestions, however, will be occurring in domestic flights and ports across Indonesia. Every household prepares Idul Fitri by serving a lot of Ramadan conventional food such as Opor Ayam, Ketupat, cookies, and many others.

This is when people will come to visit their family. They will pray and then beseech forgiveness to one another. It is not only limited to family but also to their friends and acquaintances. The point is by letting go of our resentment to one; he will receive more blessing from God as well.

Ramadan Amidst Covid-19

It is not a must for people with Covid-19 to do the fasting month because it can deteriorate their recovery process.  Furthermore, the government strongly prohibits the need to travel for Idul Fitri on May 6-17, 2021. If it is urgent for one to travel then s/he must submit a rapid antigen test. S/he should do it upon his/her departure. This is to anticipate the spread of the virus.

It means during Ramadan, the devotees have to skip the process of going for a trip from one house to the others. Physical distancing is the only resolution there is to avoid our loved ones contracting the virus. Ramadan does not feel the way it used to, but it is necessary to halt the unwanted virus to spark.

Indonesia has been one of the countries in the world affected the most by the existence of the virus. Indonesia right now is concentrating on advancing the distribution of vaccines so it could regain their power back to normal.

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