Do’s and Don’ts While Holiday and Staying in Bali Villas


Bali, as one of the favourite tourist destinations. Bali has been recognized as the most popular destination globally, according to travel platform TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards of 2021. As a tourism destination, Bali has many tourism facilities, one of which is Bali villas.

Bali villas with international standards and high ratings have spread across Bali. Some villas are open for more than one guest, and some are private villas. Staying in the Villa can be an alternative to enjoy your holiday in Bali.

Before staying and going to spend time enjoying a villa’s comfort in Bali, you should know the do and don’ts while on holiday and staying in the Villa. Here some do and don’ts:

Do’s while staying in Bali villas:

#1 Check the facilities

Bali villas often offer several facilities, such as Wi-Fi and swimming pools. You can check the Wi-Fi speed first, if you experience interference, you can ask the staff. Apart from Wi-Fi, you can also check the pool, its depth, and cleanliness.

While we are talking about swimming pools, some villas in Bali offer a very relaxing private pool. One such Villa is the KajaNe Bali Villas.

#2 Check the room temperature control 

When entering and checking the Bali villas room, make sure the room temperature control is functioning properly. Room temperature control is essential because it will support the comfort of staying and lingering in the Villa.

#3 Prepare tissue and hand sanitizer (Most of Bali villas have it, but better you prepare)

To ensure that hygiene is well maintained, then prepare a tissue and hand sanitizer. Maintaining hygiene will support your health.

#4 Hang ‘Don’t disturb’ sign on the room door

If you feel like you don’t want to be disturbed, hang up the ‘Don’t disturb’ sign. The Bali villas staff will understand the sign and avoid bothering you.

Don’ts Bali villas:

#1 Leave valuables behind

Do not leave valuables such as jewellery, cellphones, laptops, etc., in places that are difficult to keep an eye on. Put it in a place where you easily can see it while doing other activity. Even though Bali villas are generally relatively safe, there is no harm in always being vigilant.

#2 Allow villa staff without ID to enter the room 

Get to know some of the villa staff or make it easier, ask each villa staff who will enter the villa to show their ID. In addition to showing ID, pay attention to the staff’s uniform. Generally, villa staff in Bali have a special uniform which indicates that they are ready to help. Avoiding the possibility of unidentified persons entering the villa room is for security as well as safety reasons. There is no harm in always being vigilant.

#3 Yelling/cursing at the villa staff 

When you get poor service, don’t immediately shout or curse. Do the discussions more calmly, will find the solution faster. Yelling and cursing often make the atmosphere more complicated, and in the end, the resolution of the problem becomes obstructed.

#4 Give the address of the Villa to stay in a stranger 

Usually in new places, we make new friends or acquaintances but don’t quickly tell or show your Villa’s address to strangers or even strangers. Consider the person is someone you can trust before telling them.

Making sure to do and don’ts of the above will help increase your comfort and safety while staying at the Villa. Enjoying a calm, peaceful and warm atmosphere in a villa with your loved ones will undoubtedly be a precious time.

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