Spa Day Benefits in KajaNe Mua Private Bali Villas and Mansion

Surprisingly, Bali is not only famous for its best leisure spots, the worth you have not yet discovered should be exposed by your own very body. That’s right! Balinese massage is a whole different level and you will see why. There are tons of Balinese massage services you can find practically in every top destination in Bali and one of the best should be nominated to KajaNe Mua Private Bali Villas and Mansion.

Derived from Holistic Traditional Medicine

The unique value in Balinese massage might derive from the use of organic ingredients for rubbing oils, baths, and scrubs. However, there is also a special technique included that is sourced from two aspiring traditional healing techniques known worldwide, Ayurveda (Indian-inspired) and Chinese acupressure in reflexology.  The point about Ayurveda is it is a Hindu-based medicine practice that aims to regain back balance to the body and mind. Acupressure, on the other hand, gives you a fix on particular points in your body.

Those who have experienced a spa day in Bali now can connect the dot to why the treatment is so right on the painful spots and you are crazed about going back to spa day frequently.

Why A Spa Day in KajaNe Bali Villas is worth it?

Given the stress of the hectic and chaotic world, and of the workload your body has taken; we honestly suggest that there is no other perfect cure than a spa day. Investing in your sanity is a primary necessity, not a secondary one. You must put an end to the mundane world’s torment. Come to therapy, then relax your nerves for a while and regain your composure, which will make you function better.

KajaNe Bali Villas offer various spa packages that you can choose from at your heart’s content. Nestling in the heart of the Bali entertainment center, KajaNe Mua Private Bali Villas and Mansion is a complete package of luxury and sanctuary for your restless soul. Engage in our HomeMADE Spa to reap the benefit. We assure our lovely guests the next day you have to be back in business, you will feel rejuvenated and be on top of your game with full-on positivity.

Benefits of Spa Day in KajaNe Bali Villas

No matter who and how old you are, you all need relaxed touches to improve your anxiety. Even babies should get their gentle rubs from their mother and it is a proven method to stimulate better sleep. The followings are the regimens to healthy well-being you can extract from a spa day in KajaNe Mua Private Bali Villas and Mansion.

Instant Freshness and Radiant Skin

A spa day is one of the women’s favorite methods to spoil and embrace their femininity after a long, tiring labor.  People that come for a spa treatment undoubtedly understand how good their skin has become afterward. All those refreshing massages and scrubbings do for the goodness of their skin texture. Dead cells are completely wiped off and you are only left with the clear smooth skin you wish to last for eternity.

For the purpose of lightening and elevating your natural beauty, we highly recommend you relish in KajaNe’s whitening body package or exotic package. Pamper in a total body renewal with a fresh foot bath, head-to-toe soothing strokes of our professional therapist applying a body scrub and mask of your own choice, lifting facial, and end it in a peaceful bath.   

Stimulate De-stress and Better Sleep

To save a day for a spa day is better than nothing at all. Most of the times, our guests have been through tough times and we have you covered.  Our lovely repeaters love enjoying the deep relaxation that we provide. Especially our rooms, they smell amazingly comforting and cool by the considered aromatherapy, sedate music, and prime service of our masseurs.

Bring the good mood alive by KajaNe Mua Private Bali Villas and Mansion’s sea salt bath package. Sea salt is very effective to calm those tensed nerves and boost blood circulation.  Moreover, a sea salt bath is an incredibly popular home remedy to cure a cold and flu. Our package features a foot bath, traditional massage, body scrub and mask, and of course, a sea salt bath.

Men Deserve the Sweet Escape Equally

We believe that men should be given the equal treatment. Moreover, in practice, a spa day is meant for everyone. Ask your man to join you and engage in  Jayaprana package. The 3-hour intense care will optimize his blood flow. A healthy charm and relaxed smile displayed in his complexion on the post-treatment will ensure his higher return for that A game.

Traveler Essential

After a never-ending flight and travel from your home country to Bali, your overbearing body must have been weary. How are you going to prepare for the endless tomorrow’s journey around Bali? Our thoughtful package of Sanjiwani can give you the first aid for the essentials required for the fatigue to vanish. The two-hour signature spa treatment suits our travelers to gain strength and to spark their brainpower. In addition, we develop a sunburn treatment that is perfect to chill out the sunburn immediately.

Honeymoon Glow

Make him crazy over your while staying over with your beloved in our splendor room and of course our Kasmaran with Jamu Sari Rapet Package. This special care is solely available by request. Incorporating traditional Javanese herbal to enhance the tightness of your feminine area

Kasmaran with Jamu Sari Rapet is ideal for honeymooner.

More to Enjoy at KajaNe Bali Villas!

There are still a lot more varieties of Spa treatments by KajaNe Mua Private Bali Villas and Mansion that you can also enjoy in our two other branches in Bali such as KajaNe Yangloni and KajaNe Tulamben. Make sure to check out this post to discover the exact deal for your medication. Schedule that spa day through our phone number at +62361 972877 or simply send us a direct message at

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