No Panic, Be Alert, Safely stay with us

The new corona virus is getting its popularity since December. It’s massively spreading human to human at Hubei, China. The World is shaking. Biggest country starts announcing its citizen infection including Indonesia and one by one launching their travel advice.  This global pandemic then called Covid-19 becomes world trending topic which directly affected global businesses. It is even called will cause global economic recession.

Instead of being trapped by the fear of Covid-19, we choose to keep our hospitality value but keep alert for the worst to happen. Our Owner who are a senior doctor, personally brief our team for Covid-19 information and also guide us personal action we can start to do to stop the spreading of this Virus in our small community. We do believe, this outbreak won’t last, it just a short break the Universe need.

Under the spirit of our genuine Balinese Hospitality, we keep the effort to be part to stop the spreading of the virus. We also educate our guest to do the same effort to cut the spreading of this virus. This is not only Bali’s problem. It has been global problem and we take the same responsibility to stop it

Stay safe, no panic. We fight Covid-19 together. Together we can

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