5 Simple Rules to Productivity on Work from Bali Setting

Are you one of those who anticipate the worry of lacking productivity although your supervisor has entrusted you the privilege to Work from Bali (WFB)? KajaNe Bali Villas has 5 super productive tips to allow you free from the distress of not being able to fulfill your duty as you are supposed to. Gear up your new workflow by applying these 5 ways in order to save you from the burden of overtime work.

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The Number One Problem that Hinders Your Productivity during WFB

You have full power over your time now. So what? Does it mean you can loaf around and ignore your responsibility? The challenge in adapting remote working culture to its full capacity is because you can’t quite manage when the right time to enjoy your new working scene and when to be in deep focus to tick all your tasks at the same time.  In this post, KajaNe Bali Villas is going to reveal power-up tips to tackle this number one challenge and induce high work productivity, keep on reading to be enlightened.

#1 The three productivity basic gears you need to make sure

We call the productivity gears here basics because if only you just miss one of these requirements, it can be a major headache. This applies to all remote workers out there. Those three are a comfortable workspace, internet connection, and power supply.

Even picking that productive spot can be a real deal as well. Some are okay working in the crowd scene of a café, some think solitude is their ideal working ambiance. The only one who knows your preference is you alone. Therefore, it is important to think of how to set up your workspace in a holiday situation. In Bali, you have several options of workstations to choose from: a coworking space, any desk you can find at your Bali villas rental, café, or a public library. Bali can be extremely hot and we think it’s never been pleasant to hustle with sweat all over your face down to your body.

Our take is for you to be sitting on a proper desk with a cool setting, internet connection, and power supply during working hours. We don’t really recommend you to slouch on your sofa or bed no matter how comfy it looks. It might backfire you to be tempted in lazing about and in the end, not finishing your work as you should.

#2 Maintaining professionalism and when your boss isn’t around can be a piece of cake if you know this one secret

Do you believe that it’s actually pretty easy to keep up with your professionalism and productivity with this single tip? It’s all about your commitment to maintaining your discipline in observing those little habits you usually do during your days at the office.

What do we mean by this? Wake up early, have a bit of stretch, wash up to get rid of the drowsiness, dress up instead of staying in your sleeping wear; revive your energy by having your morning breakfast and coffee.

All of these steps are important to ensure you are fully awake and ready to face your day’s work. Imagine if you have to work with an empty stomach, there’s a high chance your mind will hardly get away from the thought of food. And remember, make sure you sit square on a desk, don’t lounge, don’t loll. 

#3 Can you handle the distraction? several ways to keep your productivity on-point

We are convinced that the number one challenge in WFB (Work from Bali) is the distraction traps waiting for you in every corner. With your boss isn’t available to check out on your performance every time, it’s easier to procrastinate.

However, can you pull back on the deadlines? Absolutely not. So, how to deal with it?

To keep your focus sharp, there are quite a few classic ways to help you avoid the temptation such as:

  • prepare a to-do list,
  • concentrate your energy on finishing one task at a time,
  • set your devices on focus mode (for instance you can set a stop setting for every 5-minute use of applications that draws your attention the most. Or apply a Pomodoro productivity technique where you break down your time into 25-minute chunks in addition to 10 to 15-minute breaks to introduce a feeling of urgency to finish each task you have put yourself into.

#4 Social life balance even on remote WFB (Work from Bali) scene

Although unsaid, don’t forget your colleagues need you to stay in touch to know what’s up. It’s important to sustain your bond with them. Make sure to arrange a fixed schedule for an online internal meeting so you have time to meet up with your friends like to do a 30-minute huddle (time interval depends on the number of participants). It can be the perfect time to point out things related to the trouble you found at remote work, your off-for-vacation schedule, or it can be a team-building session as well. Share to your team so they recognize or maybe they can help to sort your problem out with a win-win productivity solution.

#5 Maximize your productivity by keeping yourself happy to minimize the stress of overtime work

Have you ever felt like you’re unstoppable with all the work challenges ahead of you and thought that the day feels shorter than usual? Feeling happy is an essential key to productivity. And sometimes to make yourself happy can be as simple as stop complaining about your workload and just eagerly do your job. Complaining can indicate you’re stressed out and when you feel that way, everything seems difficult to do, and time’s ticking so long until you finally clock out. So, try to be happy in order to fully keep your productivity high at any time possible, or else you risk your time bringing some homework that you haven’t yet completed.

Is there another way you can do to spark joy while hustling? Depict a kind of reward or goals you’re looking forward to in the near future -in the back of your mind. It should be something exciting enough to get you motivated to bring your work to completion faster.

How Do You Find These Productivity Tips by KajaNe Bali Villas

We hope the tips above can contribute to your personal development and productivity especially in the working aspect of remote working style and to love more what you’re doing. Are you in some way looking for a private villa in Ubud or Bali family villas? We have all your need from prime accommodations to fun activities you can engage in while staying with KajaNe Bali Villas. Contact us at +0361 4792361 to find out more regarding our services.

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