5 Smart Tips to Save Money on Travel to Bali


Sometimes, travelers are not the richest persons ever but people be thinking so because travelers always look on the go.  How about we tell you, there are tips to save money on travel. After traveling for a while and tasting the bittersweet of a journey of hopping to one land of unknown to the others, travelers understand what expenses should be sacrificed before they got on the ground and which to keep so traveling can still be a fun and worth-waiting journey. Their numerous adventures have taught them things they won’t get at any formal educations. Things that can only be attained at the school of life, are ways to survive.

KajaNe private villa in Ubud has compiled some of the advice given by experienced travelers. 

What to expect in these tips to save money on travel

These tips to save money on travel have allowed many travel enthusiasts not only to go on excursions conveniently without breaking the bank but also to pursue their hobby, to travel more.

Before hitting the road to Bali, consider these tips to save money on travel so money-saving for your next journey wouldn’t take too long. To save up more, apply one of these tips to save up on travel. From when to go on a trip, booking hacks, and many more, check out in the following.

How to hold your horses for impulsive shopping

Quoting an article curated by one of the American bestselling authors, Rachel Cruze on Ramsey Solutions, there are three reasons how impulsive buying gets you. She explains that oftentimes we let our emotions control us into feeling that buying nice things can recover our mood during bad days. The second condition that accounts for this issue is how we are taught to spend money in our family. Last but not least is the fact that we are easily triggered by the so-called ‘flash deals’, ‘special offers’, and other notions that fool us to think that we’re shopping at a great deal of price even when we don’t really need the stuff we just bought.

Money-saving is a tough marathon. It requires more than just willingness, but also a solid commitment to succeed. If you’re planning to travel next year, you’d better put your mind off impulsive buying and start to replace your temporary desire for something bigger. Something that has long-term value like to finally be able to travel by air, how traveling will make a great impact on your whole life, or how it will bring a fresher perspective on life itself.

A spike price point at every holiday destination in the high season

If you are seeing Bali as your holiday destination, Bali’s off-season usually occurs in October, January, and February. Opt for holidaying in these three months. Bali is in the rainy season during these months so tourists would often find a hard time to vacay to the points of interest of their choice. However, best deals for a private villa in Ubud, Ubud hotels, and other Bali family villas are most apparent at off-season making it the prime time to travel if you are into discounted rates for accommodations. Also, tourists would not crowd up the hot spots in Bali so you can travel at ease.

Villa Rentals Are an Excellent Investment

Accommodation choices vary depending on your travel destinations. Supposedly, you want your trip to be budget-friendly, always do your research on how you’re going to spend your money on this matter. We might be biased at this, but for Southeast Asia backpackers who fly to Bali, in this case, we are proud to say that the private villa in Ubud or other Bali family villas overall offer a gorgeous price deal with unbeatable facilities. They resemble affordable apartments. Some even come with 2-3 bedrooms, a kitchen set, a gym facility, and a private pool.

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You can totally have a cook-off, swim-off, you name it. The best part is you can share the total cost with your group.  One of our tips to save money on travel for you are to download villa listing apps, join the Bali villas community on Facebook because marketing agents for Bali villas would often post the deals that you will love there, or do the direct booking from the official website or via phone call.  

Several Tips to Save Money on Travel to Bali – Transportation Wise

Reliable transportations locals use in Bali for vacationing are pick-up drivers through Gojek, Grab, Maxim, Taxi, motorbike, and four-wheeled vehicles. To pick one of these options are actually not so hard. If you can’t drive or ride and worry, thinking that because you’re a tourist your rental price will be so high, One of our tips to save money on travel is for you to just straight download driver apps –Gojek and Grab.  Unless you’re holidaying in Ubud, both of these apps are very convenient for a faraway trip. People love walking in Ubud and by renting local drivers’ service there, you’ve helped to support the Ubud community. 

Before accepting to use the service of Gojek and Grab, you will be given the total journey cost that you can pay in either cash or cashless shown in the app. The standard price applies to both locals and tourists. Moreover, you can choose your mode of transportation as well, and again they often put up off rates. Your safety is guaranteed and of course, there is a reporting flow that you can follow if you feel in danger.

Our take would be to figure out places of importance first like nearby hospitals, police stations, mini-marts, immigration office, and your embassy office. Also, download the Google maps for the specific area you’re traveling to just in case you can’t access the internet. It will surely come in handy. However cheap your mode of transportation is, nothing beats walking. It’s free and healthy.

Normalize to Sweat over Your Meal

Food adventure is fun and we think it’s a must for every traveler to have a taste of local delicacies and understand the difference to theirs. Balinese food is quite spicy, oily, and has an intense flavor. If this is your first time tripping to Southeast Asia, we couldn’t suggest you more for having your medication ready with you at all times. A change of diet can cause what’s so-called Bali Belly. The symptoms are more or less like diarrhea. Before the condition prevents you from enjoying your best life in Bali, stay moderate on the food you have never tried and if one of the Bali villas you selected equips with a kitchen, hit your nearby local market to buy your cooking ingredients. It might tire you a bit, but it’s the part of the fun in traveling, isn’t it?

A pro tip in deciding a good eatery: see one with the most visitors.

How Do You Find These Tips to Save Money on Travel to Bali?

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