Planning 3D2N Romantic Honeymoon at Kajane Bali Villas Ubud

From getting ready for the steamy night to romantic dinner in Ubud, hopefully, it may give you several ideas to plan the 3D2N lovely rendezvous at KajaNe Bali Villas.

Bali makes a beautiful wedding destination. Its natural landscapes are iconic with plentiful options of beaches, rice fields, lush jungles, and exotic resorts. After a tiring time of designing your dream wedding and managing its series of events, it’s time for the newlyweds to spend their quality time and celebrate the union. Or else, it will be such a waste not to enjoy the beautiful island knowing that it’s easy to find picture-perfect spots to commemorate the brand new day of finally calling your loved one husband/wife.

 The paradise island is one of the most affordable destinations to hop and relax for a honeymoon. KajaNe Bali Villas can be your favorite option to go if what you’re searching for is all-in-one luxury accommodation with complete facilities and a vast range of guest activities. 

Calming Acupressure to Release Your Tension

The happy couple might have been quite stressed out to deal with the before and after wedding party. At this point, there’s nothing better than pampering your tensed muscles with gentle rubs and pressures from HomeMADE Spa. Find the spa regimen that suits your need then our experienced therapists will deliver a quick fix and eventually recover your smile. The best thing about our HomeMADE Spa, you can discover the specific beauty treatment to spark the glow for your sexy night. At the same time, it also offers a distress solution for your fatigue so you can better prepare for the agenda you’re about to execute the next day. Not just for the ladies, the gentlemen have an equal privilege to feel refreshed with a spa day. End the spa session with a flower bath and it feels heavenly. Learn more about our spa day benefits in the following article. 

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Breakfast with a View

Adoring your beloved while disconnecting from everything is just gorgeous in the early morning. Recharging your energy with a great breakfast is a must. The stunning panorama in KajaNe Bali Villas anywhere you choose is just unparalleled as your morning background. Sip your morning coffee or tea accompanied by the sound of the serene beach at KajaNe Tulamben, chirping birds at KajaNe Mua and Yangloni are such an unforgettable experience. Times like this are to be grateful for the man or woman standing by your side and to mark the compassion you’re willing to show until eternity. 

Venturing Around the Best of Ubud

As the hallmark of Bali, Ubud has countless hidden gems to relish. The just-married couple can’t hang out around the district in the count of a 24-hour. Thus, it is always wise to arrange where to go providing you only have limited time. However, take it real easy, these days are not about traveling and ticking the list of places to go. The concern is to slow down and spend time in togetherness with your partner. Anyway, here is our recommendation for things to do in Ubud, the last one is definitely not to miss out.  

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Set Up Ubud Romantic Dinner

This is one of our on-demand features favored by our guests at KajaNe Bali Villas. Couples love having a passionate personalized private dine-in experience in their room. Have a beautiful candlelight dinner under the star and an exquisite course of meals. We will organize it for you as not to leave the wine so you can honor your bond with a toss. Cheers to the bridegroom, congratulations on establishing a new stage in life with your best friend. Only wish for the best of years waiting for you ahead.

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