The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Group Trip


Some people are not into group trips because of the crowd it makes or how easy it is to mess up with the plan once an incident happens. A school trip, for instance, only takes one case to interrupt the whole plot the school has made for months. Supposedly, a student is late for the trip or you miss calculating the number of rooms to book for the due date, it’d be a disaster. Things are easily getting out of hand with a group trip. That’s why people would often prefer holidaying with a small group of 3 to 5 people. Again, not everyone can choose the situation they are in, sometimes it’s part of one’s responsibility to handle this kind of event and we couldn’t be happier that we’re going to share some of the hacks in planning a group trip with our readers today.

Planning a group trip requires a strong heart and dedication

 We believe a group trip is not in any way the worst in any kind of traveling or something daunting, overwhelming, and such. It just needs proper planning. Afterward, you can still have, if not the best, then the most memorable experience with those close to you. The highlight of a group trip is about managing the number of people joining in a smart way. Preparation is going to be super extra, but actually, that wouldn’t be much of trouble (only if you can identify what to prioritize and provide alternatives for the worst case that might happen, of course). After all, learning the ultimate guide to planning a group trip in this article will not only help you at the most critical moment where you’re assigned as the trip leader but teaches you how to handle a certain situation that doesn’t allow you to move alone.

To prevent yourself from having an unpleasant group trip experience, consider our tips for planning a group trip below your pointer assets in the near future.

Decide on a group leader and vice leader – break down your group into several divisions to help you execute the plan

When it comes to planning a group trip where you have to manage more than one person, certainly, you would want your member to be easy to cooperate with. Decision-making can be brutal. One person wants this, while the other wants that. Having someone who knows what it needs to make a group trip a success is, thus, essential. You need someone to be the middle person who sentences the final say. Appoint ones that are reliable; select two persons and hold a voting session to choose the winner. In this case, the winner becomes the leader while the second position will be the vice leader. Make sure that both of them understand how to carefully organize the planning for the trip activities.

If your group consists of more than 5 persons, it’s best to part your members into small divisions and ask each to help out in a specific task. Maybe, the group is quite large in number, have one person to keep an absence list and use it to call one by one the name of your participants prior to leaving for the destination and coming back home.  The point is to share the burden so daunting tasks look somewhat more manageable.

Devise Your Group Itinerary

Don’t squeeze far too many activities into a group trip. We understand that you want to make the rest of the itinerary fun and exciting. However, people also need their free time to retreat and unwind. Giving free time to your members is essential to allow them some private exploration in the destination and have the chance to relax alone. So, be sure to include free time amid the itinerary when planning a group trip. Don’t just stuff it with a long list of destinations and risk your members gone one by one because they’re just not into the plan.

Arrange a budget

The nicest part about planning a group trip is we can save up more.  You can share the price for the whole activity with the participants. Planning a group trip also includes determining a budget. This might be tricky because each of your members doesn’t always have similar thinking in terms of the amount. Some may be okay to spend more for a trip; some may refuse to do so. Be transparent with the checklist you’re going to prepare and have a thorough discussion with your members that there are things best to be split up and some best to be collected prior to the trip.

The purpose is to prevent you from wasting the limited span of time to mutter about payment deals and the confusion to split bills with your mates. Assign someone trusted by your members to handle the group finance to be allocated in the shared activities and manage any kinds of payment during the trip. From renting accommodation for example to choosing either a private villa in Ubud or Ubud hotels, mode of transportation to travel around the destinations of your choice, entrance fees to tourist spots, meals, unexpected sums of money for unknown causes like a sudden medical trip, and souvenirs.

Some expenses like shopping souvenirs and meal options are to be separated from the shared money account.

Choosing a private villa is the best investment in planning a group trip

Planning a group trip is all about maintaining the togetherness stick. We honestly couldn’t more agree that in terms of accommodation choices, in this case, your place to stay at, a private villa or family villas can cater to your goal. Bali villas, for instance, can accommodate up to 2-4 and more persons within with exclusive facilities like a kitchen and even a private pool. Are you looking for a prime private villa in Ubud? Check out KajaNe Yangloni or KajaNe Mua to see the detail.  

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