Which Group Are You In? 5 Types of Ubud Travelers

Do you know that visitors of Ubud have different purposes and priorities for their arrival to the district? They might be in search of a tropical holiday within the convenience of a private villa in Ubud or Ubud family villa but there are more than meet the eye. This is what KajaNe Bali Villas has observed so far.

We don’t think none is despising the idea of a holiday. After tiring days, knowing that tomorrow you’re not going to off for work is like a moment to celebrate. When it comes to vacation, not everyone has the same ideal. Each has his own dream holiday and how to spend it in the best way possible. 

Surprisingly, they are not here just to relax in a couple of Ubud villa which is internationally famous for its prime services and gorgeous design. Of course, exotic accommodation is a must if you’d like to get the most out of Ubud for few days. However, their coming to Ubud is with a focus on the search for something.  

What are those groups? So, here is our classification for Ubud’s travelers on vacay, which type are you in?

Solo Traveler

This sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It is not bizarre to travel alone. Some people will find this type boring. You have no one to share what you go through with but solo traveling can be pretty amazing too. In Ubud, it’s not a rare occasion to witness many tourists go alone. The reason is simply that not everyone fancy to make a journey in a group. They prefer to own their ‘me’ time strolling casually in the heart of Ubud or passing the time in their favorite private villa in Ubud by sitting surrounded by the warmth of a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other. The point is to discover a source of comfort away from the regular hassle. Sometimes, finding the time to go for a trip is the most difficult thing to do when you wish to go with a companion. There might be a chance that the plan gets canceled as well. It is faster to go alone, considering that you only have limited time until your absence from work lasts. 

Explorer Type

If the former is all about peace and solitude, this one sees everything as a challenge. This group is those with a full-on curiosity. They are obsessed to know what’s happening now in Bali, Ubud, especially. They will automatically opt for a long-term stay just to satisfy their whole interests. To gain a thorough insight about Ubud, before the trip, they like to do thorough research about famous sites that they should not miss, what to be aware of, what to try, and ultimately test their knowledge on the field. If newcomers are scared to feel overwhelmed by cultural shock, this group is instead, super excited about getting around with the differences they might discover. Mostly, they love capturing and sharing their moments of joy through their social media too.  

Group Traveler

Traveling in a group can come with diverse purposes. The explorer type can also be part of this if each shares a similar perspective on how to search for fun. We often come across travelers bound by the same hobby in Bali, for instance, surfing. However, if it is for the sake of leisure in the chill of Ubud, we know exactly that this could be either a bunch of family members or friends gathering. They consist of a large pack solid in terms of deciding the itinerary and will always collectively wander because they are not trying to achieve anything but the essence of togetherness itself. After all, encountering beautiful places in Ubud is the happiest when you’re with those dearest and closest to you, do we all agree to this? Most of the time, they spend the day loitering on the morning or afternoon Ubud walkthrough, lazed about by the pool of a private villa in Ubud, or in an Ubud restaurant cheering and enjoying their meals.    

Staycation Addicts Who Only Care about Their Private Villa in Ubud

We’re no longer astonished by the fact that this type of traveler does exist. Ubud and Bali, in general, have the most mesmerizing view of Bali villas with generous services and unique tropical architecture. Thus, this type has become pretty basic in Ubud. The greeneries and Ubud’s panorama are never a failure in calling you back to chill out for a moment. Solo or couple, this kind perceives the satisfaction in finding the perfect staycation experience to heal and slow down. They care about the accommodation they’re about to book and the privacy. However, it is not just about the beautiful room with a pool to swim away from the worries that block their heads for a while. The facilities offered by the private villa in Ubud matter too.  

A short or long holiday is worth a stay at KajaNe Bali Villas. Our private Ubud villas are nestled in two locations that you can choose from. Are you keen to start and end your day in the gorgeous heart of Ubud or in the neighboring breathtaking rice field? We have them both. Also, our Bali villas are complete with comfort facilities from HomeMADE Resto, D’Paon Organic Garden, outdoor activities, to HomeMADE Spa to release your tension. 

Culinary Adventure

They only have one thing in mind, food. We can say that this kind lives only for food. Usually, they come in a small group of people or by the least of two persons. They’re obsessed with food adventure. Travelling could be their method, but the goal is to find a source of delicious delicacies. They spend most of their time researching famous food places and share their findings. They could own a food blog or an active social media user concerning food as well. You can ask for any suggestions for their best dine-in experience and they will gladly respond. This traveler type isn’t afraid of trying practically anything just to get knowledge in their field. 

Our Private Villa in Ubud Awaits!

You could be somewhere in the middle of the 5 types above or even the combination from them. You can get inspiration and experience others’ meaning of recreation to get a better sense.   

By the time you read this, don’t you miss Ubud already?

Are you looking for the best private Ubud villa? Reserve your room now with KajaNe Bali Villas at +0361 4792361 or simply send us a direct message at reservation@kajane.com.

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