Tips How to Choose Best Honeymoon Villa in Ubud

Honeymoon in Bali is still become the target of newlyweds. Alluring tourist destinations and mouth-watering culinary tours are two things that make many couples want to spend time alone on the Island of the Gods. Bali is best known as a romantic getaway island, and when it comes to choosing a honeymoon villa in Bali, you only need to choose one out of several thousand villas. A serene paradise is one of many ways to describe Ubud, Bali. It is one of the top Indonesian honeymoon destinations for a relaxing and romantic experience. At only 1.5 hours away from the airport, it’s an easy journey to get to your hotel, compared to other Indonesian honeymoon locations. Once you get to Ubud, you and your newlywed partner will be blessed with so many options for romantic activities to enjoy. Choosing the best villa near Ubud is all about understanding what ‘best’ means to you. What’s your style, are romance and privacy important and what about a private pool? There are so many questions to consider. Here are our ultimate tips on choosing the honeymoon Villa in Ubud.

1. Spacious and private

Privacy is very important in a honeymoon villa. Free from distractions, you can be your authentic self, and give your partner a full attention. However, privacy is often neglected in many Bali villas in Bali due to limited space. Some villas have to be built in seclusion to provide a private atmosphere. At KajaNe Villa Ubud, our villas are situated in the heart center of Ubud. We also leave plenty of space between the villas, each with its own garden and pool.

2. Comfortable and unique 

Our Bali honeymoon villa has a sleek and modern yet unique design. In terms of design, it is up to you to decide which villa style you want to spend time with your partner. However, the point is always to choose comfort with an authentic design, regardless of the architectural style. It will give you a memorable feeling. We are only outsource the finest local fabrics and materials to create a memorable sensory experience during your stay. It’s not enough if the villa just looks good, being different is a plus. The villa must offer a specific touch, smell, and even sound experience. This multisensory experience is sure to have you remembering your honeymoon experiences for years to come.

3. Memorable and complementary experiences 

Don’t forget that the honeymoon experience can be enhanced by choosing a villa with complementary experiences in activities and services. Most honeymooners who choose a villa near Ubud want a place that offers the perfect balance of secret hideaway but is not cut off from all the Ubud experience. You want to be away enough from the crowd and traffic, but close enough to sneak into Ubud for dining, dance performances, spas, and shopping. At The KajaNe Yangloni Villa Ubud, you have several options – dinner under the stars in the garden, private candlelit dinner with delicious cuisine brought straight to your villa, quiet nights at Yangloni HomeMADE Resto with the best man or woman you dream of, and romantic fine dining in our restaurant. You can find it all in one place for a relaxing and easy honeymoon experience.

4. Luxury with Balinese style

Luxury means different things to each of us, but for most honeymooners who come to Bali, a luxury villa close to Ubud means choosing Ubud art villas, villas that reflect the culture and art of Bali and the Indonesian archipelago. Villa design in Bali not only applied Balinese style but takes in a diverse archipelago style as well as Javanese traditional style. The best experience is Ubud villa’s completed with private infinity pool where only the two of you can have the whole pool all to yourself. And it has to be big enough to spread and play with.

Visit KajaNe Yangloni Villa Ubud

The hotel is located on the outskirts of Ubud, a 5 – 10 minute drive from downtown Ubud, where you will find the palace and the Sacred Monkey Forest as the iconic destination in Ubud. This villa situated off the main road and down a long driveway. It offers four distinct room categories, ranging from ultra-private one-bedroom pool villas constructed from traditional Javanese wood bungalows. Both the Loji Villas and Uma Mansions feature similar interiors, but the Loji Villas are more spacious. Large sliding doors open up the living spaces into balcony areas, creating roomy open-plan spaces. Interiors are clean and modern, with a combination of contemporary and traditional touches, offers an aesthetically pleasing and uncluttered space. Bathrooms in both categories are modern and fresh, including wooden vanities with stone sinks and large mirrors, plus deep freestanding stone bathtubs. These two-room categories are suitable and perfect for your honeymoon stay in Ubud. Click here to book your favorite room!

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