Explore the Ubud’s Hidden Gems through Cycling with KajaNe Villa Ubud Bali

If you a traveler who loves adventure and looking for a more challenging experience while exploring Bali, cycling can be the best choice to explore Bali more. Cycling in Ubud was so popular for foreigners or travelers who visit Bali particularly Ubud. The central Ubud area is now more and more commercialized, but you can still manage to find secret-pathways that go over the village and connecting yourself to a hidden serenity. One of the best ways to explore Ubud’s hidden gems is by cycling through its mysterious lanes.

To have this cycling experience in Ubud, you easily can find so many rental bike businesses along the central Ubud. Either cycling alone or with the tour guide, both of them can be your choice. If you choose to rent your bike here, you should make sure that the bicycle you rent is in the proper condition without any damage to the crucial part of the bicycle such as in the wheel, brake, and chain. The price of the rental bike in-home local business may offer you a cheaper price but the quality and the bike condition sometimes not proper to be able to run for a far route. 

KajaNe’s Cycling Experience

Well, if you looking for a safe cycling tour based on the bike include the tour guide, stay at KajaNe Bali Villas Ubud Bali will give you these benefits. KajaNe Villa Ubud Bali offers some activities that you can experience such as cycling around the Ubud area. Having fun while cycling and get your feet on the pedal and ride to Ubud countryside. Witnessing the beauty of Ubud nature and its cultural life through fun cycling. We provide several routes with unique and surprising amazing en-route. Cycling tour with us safely, we guarantee our bikes are in very good condition and have a double check from our team before your scheduled cycling begins. 

Cycling tour is one of our activities that will be able to give you a new inspiration of Bali during your holiday in Bali. This tour is for all ages from children to the elderly, in this tour you will be able to feel and see the spectacular scenery and find out first-hand on how people live in the countryside of Bali. During the bike tour, we will visit a Balinese compound and go for a short walk in the rice paddies. Along the tour, there will be many opportunities to stop and take a worthy-Instagram photo and interact with friendly local people. We will also stop at one of the many village temples, where you will be given a detailed explanation and information about the Balinese lifestyle, culture, beliefs by our friendly tour guide.

Tips to keep safe during the cycling tour

To make sure you have a great time during your cycling tour in Bali, below are some tips and rule you need to follow:

–   Check the bike condition before heading out, make sure the brakes work properly and wheels are aligned.

–   Make sure the road conditions are the type you can handle.

–   Bring your own helmet and gloves to ensure proper protection.

–   The bike’s light is working, especially if you are heading out of the dark.

–   Left-hand traffic prevails in Indonesia, so please ride on the left side of the road

–   If there is a basket in front of your bike, do not put any of your valuables on it. Snatch-thefts on bikes and motorbike have been known to happen.

–   There is a bike lock, especially if you plan to make multiple stops.

–   Make sure you have a poncho – you do not want the rain to ruin you perfect day

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