KajaNe Villa Ubud’s Caravan, Take Quick Vacation to Explore the Other Side of Bali

Are you the one who loves a wild adventure? If you need a quick vacation and just want to unwind, Bali is always a great place to visit. Bali is not only a beach and mountain, it is beyond. But, to make your next stay in Bali more exciting, why not explore this island in a campervan? Do not just travel, now you have a chance to experience it. We are here to give you an option on how to truly experiencing Bali. Join this adventure experience with us by a campervan around Bali! You can be safer without afraid of getting lost, just sit on your comfortable sofa or bed, our professional butler will drive you to the most epic places in Bali.

Living in a van full-time is awesome anywhere, anytime. Traveling around Bali in a van really takes your vacation to the next level. You can explore an exotic new place with the convenience and spontaneous freedom of van-life. Sometimes getting off the beaten path is essential, and that is especially true in tourist hot spots like Bali. Here a van gives you that extra bit of freedom to see the authentic, unspoiled side of Bali. The vehicle is also equipped with lots of amenities including cookware, pillows, blankets, a shower, a refrigerator, and many more. Therefore, you can cook your own food, sleep, and even take a bath while on the road. Each van is fit for two persons, making it a perfect bonding activity with your partner, best friend, or your favorite travel buddy!

KajaNe Bali Villas Ubud’s Caravan

If you still confuse to choose which part of Bali location to explore first, you can search for some reviews and let your fellow travelers’ comments to help you decide. But you do not need to worry about it, because our driver already has a list of the best places you can visit. While you in a van-vacation, you can just forget those luxurious hotels with their expensive facilities and amenities. When price does not matter then experience does. Bali’s beauty is indeed acquired by experiencing it. This campervan travel is our parts facilities named ‘Caravan’ that is settled at KajaNe Yangloni where nature is precisely preserved. Staying uniquely while breath more fresh air in a tropical hideaway. It comes with the trigger to provide a truly experienced adventure to get you to immerse into the beauty of Bali, its nature, and culture. The road through and feel how Bali’s nature gives you the satisfaction of traveling in Bali. Experience yourself sleep out beneath the star in our Caravan facilities.

Nevertheless, In this pandemic situation, we understand that you will limit yourself to going on vacation to avoid the virus spread. Well, during this unprecedented Covid-19 outbreak, we offer you a shelter to work from or stay away from the crowd. Our Caravan is available to rent short-term or long-term included the driver. Take this chance to stay longer and save more. Our place is disinfected regularly. Our staff is also trained in how to clean every stuff properly. Keep yourself and your surroundings safe and follows the authority’s instruction. We hardly could not wait the day we could bring you everywhere with this unique vehicle. List us on your traveling wish-list and we will be looking forward to getting your contact when you are ready for traveling. Contact us soon to create a tailor-made trip that you have never experienced!

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