What Is a Balinese Massage Technique? What to Expect

A massage entails more than just hand strokes on our body. It’s a fusion of diverse cultures and pearls of wisdom passed down from ancient generations. There are many choices and techniques when it comes to massage therapy. Not only differ in style but also in techniques and philosophies behind it. The Balinese massage technique is one among many that have been well known and practiced worldwide.

The Balinese massage technique is a combination of gentle yet sturdy palm strokes, acupressure, soothing stretches, and sometimes featuring hot stones. They are put on particular points of the body that are believed to be obstructed. The purpose of massage therapy in this case is to ease the energy flow.

The History of Balinese Massage

Regular contact and economic exchange between foreigners and Indonesians in the past was first because of the spices. Later on, Ayurveda, or traditional Indian medicine, and Chinese acupressure, was introduced to Bali by travelers and traders from India and China. The occurrence influenced Balinese massage. Balinese massage incorporates a variety of acupressure and reflexology techniques. Aromatherapy is an additional ingredient to help with both body and mental relaxation.

Breaking Down Balinese Massage Technique

Balinese massage incorporates methods that engage most body muscles, boosting blood flow and vitality, and is based on Ayurvedic literature that teaches a comprehensive healing approach that strives to balance restoration between the body and the mind. Since it works out more for the muscles and utilizes greater pressure, it will be more soothing to do it in a spa.

Balinese massage also includes reflexology in addition to acupressure. It concentrates on particular areas of your body in order to relieve stress and discomfort. Reflexology is a technique that focuses on the hands, ears and feet that connect to the internal organs. The masseuse encourages relaxation and healing by pressing certain spots in these areas of the body.

Excellent Benefits of Balinese Massage

Balinese Massage has excellent benefits for both your physical and emotional wellbeing. It rejuvenates the body by relieving tension, stress, and anxiety.

It helps you sleep better and improves the quality of sleep. Individuals who have obstructed blood and oxygen flow might be experiencing trouble sleeping. Sleep deprivation also happens a lot to those who have erratic sleeping habits. As the massage helps to mend the flow, it aids brain function to its optimal level.

Pamper yourself with the Balinese Massage technique also allows you to alleviate muscular pain. The strokes relax the muscles and extend their range of motion.

The use of essential oils on the body might also moisturize the skin. A Balinese massage can help with dry skin, rough skin, and dead skin. The application of acupressure and reflexology in Balinese massage technique promotes colon health and immunity by improving the points in various bodily systems such as the digestive, neurological, and respiratory systems.

What to Expect at HomeMADE Spa by KajaNe Bali Villas?

It requires expertise for a masseuse to handle Balinese massage technique, all you can enjoy at our HomeMADE Spa.

Privacy is important in every therapy session with us. To follow a session of our massage therapy, we need our clients’ trust to dress in their underwear. This is to allow the natural oils we equip fully absorbed into the body. This will also help our masseuse to properly massage the body parts. Footbath is applied before our client’s heads onto the main session that takes around 60-90 minutes.

Our therapists use natural aromatic oils to perform delicate stretches, kneading, acupressure, reflexology, and diverse Balinese massage technique to improve the lymphatic system and other body parts. Afterward, our treatment will be followed by the application of a body scrub of our client’s pick. We provide soothing music background to boost comfort for our clients as well.

Find the perfect treatment that suits your need here. To reserve for our private villa in Ubud at KajaNe Bali Villas call us at +62361 972877 or simply hit us a message at reservation@kajane.com.

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