Stay in Shape on Vacation Featuring KajaNe Bali Villas

All those fun moments you are having during the holiday might include being lazy and carelessly involve in the bad eating habit. Instead of being rejuvenated after your day off, you feel so sluggish and unmotivated. What a disaster! Then how to be fit on vacation and be on top of your game post-vacation? Also, do you know KajaNe Yangloni, our private villa in Ubud is equipped with a gym?

Maybe the real question is how much are you willing to give off the minutes you have in 24 hours of your holiday to work those sweat? The guilty feeling of not being capable to do your workout routine might give you a hard time when you’re on vacation. This often occurs to those who are used to performing exercise regularly. If exercising has been part of your life, well, the answer is you don’t have to stop doing it. You can still push your energy to be on your mat or the nearest gym in town to avoid the guilt. This way, you don’t have to push so hard the next day you are done with a vacation to dieting and following intense workout regimens to lose that holiday weight.

No Pressure Workout

Investing in a gym in the proximity of your accommodation might cost you an extra budget especially when you are really tight about your expense and know that you only stay for a while. The daily package in a gym is pretty expensive. Keep in mind that a workout is not about the intensity sometimes. Achieving a body goal is also not a crime but don’t be so hard on yourself. Understand that your body also needs the flexibility to adjust.

After all, isn’t a workout supposed to make you physically active and happy, is it? Once it is a pressure for you, then what you are doing today is not going to be sustainable in the long run. It is going to be tough to dedicate the activity for the longest time you live. Therefore, during the holiday, keep your exercise simpler while still burning your calories.

KajaNe Bali villas will share the perfect ideas to help you keep sharp on your break in Bali and at the comfort of staying in a private Ubud villa KajaNe Yangloni.

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Cardio Alternatives: Renting a bike, jogging, or walking through Ubud

What you prioritize is to cut some of those fats? Simple cardio exercises can do the work. It is fun to do outdoor exercises like biking, jogging, or walking while exploring new areas. You get to refresh your eyes by seeing new places. They are also super effective in giving you a good sweat. To reach the optimum calorie-burning level on cardio, do it on an empty stomach.  It is also best to execute it early in the morning when you can still enjoy the fresh air on less crowded roads in Ubud. You can also arrange bike rental at your private villa in Bali in case you are up for touring by bike.

Yoga by the Pool

Spread your mat by the pool in the morning and nothing can beat the stretches and breathing technique of yoga movements. They are so relaxing. Doing these on a daily elevates your positivity and productivity too. Several yoga movements are also designed with hard intensity levels. You can definitely adjust them to your need.


One of the advantages of staying in a private villa in Bali, you have no time restriction for when to use the pool. You can always go for a swim for the longest time your reservation is. Swimming is not only enjoyable; playing with water is also proven to be very calming to the brain. According to Harvard Medical school, a woman weighed around 56 kg can burn 180 calories for a 30-minute swimming session. A woman with an estimated weight of 70 kg can burn down 223 calories. Does it sound amazing?

Private Gym at Our Private Villa in Ubud, KajaNe Yangloni

The benefit you can obtain from staying in our private villa in Ubud, KajaNe Yangloni is you can also try our private gym. Maintaining your well-being is of utmost importance at any time. Facilities in our gym allow you to do strength training and cardio workout. Your workout, thus, can get pretty intense at the gym. You can incorporate a workout program with your fitness app and basically pull of how many sets of exercise you desire.

Those are tips by KajaNe Bali Villas to stay fit on vacation

We hope our suggestions above can be your guide to remain healthy on your vacation. Read more articles from KajaNe Bali villas here to get more exposure to other travel tips and what’s going on in Bali.

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