Luxury Wedding in Bali: Three Reasons to Choose a Private Villa

Luxury wedding should be special, intimate, and exude heartwarming feeling to the newlyweds. The excitement is lasting in memory. How can it not? Two love birds tie their knot in a solemnization exchanging their vows to devote their lifetime in togetherness through sickness and health.

In practice, a wedding in Bali does not require as much luxury. It depends on the perspective of the bride and groom to-be on how they would like their wedding ceremony to look like and of course, their funding.

However, wedding in essence is sacred and holy. That makes the reason why many would consider privacy is everything when it comes to the venue where it will be held. Renting a private villa may be the answer if you are still wondering where to have your destination for your luxury wedding in the near future. Private villa Bali can be found almost in any regions. You can rent one if you are thinking of Bali to rejoice in a wedlock.

Furthermore, wherever the happy couple decides for their luxury wedding in Bali, they can designate the locations either to be by the beach or a location with a beautiful garden view on the decorated altar. Aside from the intimacy, we cover several reasons why you need a private villa for your happily-ever-after commemoration in Bali.

#1 Wide Array of Venue Selections for Your Wedding Destination in Bali

Are you looking for an exotic wedding vibe with gorgeous pristine beach view or vibrant greeneries and magnificent landscape?  It is always right to choose Bali for it has earned the reputation for being a unique and cultural island, perfect especially for outdoor concept of your matrimony.

You can adjust the wedding concept and the venue when you have set your eyes on having a luxury wedding in Bali. Supposedly you would like to have a Boho style wedding; a beach-view private villa will be the best option you could have. You have a wide range of options to conceptualize your amalgamation with your wedding planner in anyway you desire.

#2 More Spaces to Express Yourselves

Relating to the first reason, surely, it will be more convenient to have your private spaces including the private pool. You do not have to worry about people who do not belong to your circle witnessing your plan to have a bikini night wedding reception if you determine to have a unique and fun session for your special day. The best part about private villa is you have no room for discomfort. You are free to do you, be you, and express yourselves.

#3 Private Villa Offers a Better Deal for a Whole Package Than Most Accommodations

In general, it will be a much better deal for you to celebrate your wedding ceremony in a private villa. You get a whole package as you will not be charged per room used, for instance when the villa comprises of several mansions and is massive in size, you can have the invited guests from faraway and family relatives to fill the rooms and the price amount can be spread.

It will leave you less burden to sum up the price as well. In addition, personalized service level in private villa focuses on serving you the best; it is something that no hotels have the capability to compete with. Opting for private villa allows you to experience more exclusiveness and homey at the same time. It is also more kid-friendly and practically they can roam around the area in free with no fear they might disturb other guests.

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