Before Renting a Scooter: Get Around Ubud Tips

When you’re vacationing in a hotel or private villa in Ubud, the receptionist might question whether you were fancy to rent a motorbike? Some, including KajaNe Bali Villas, moreover, also provide bike and motorbike rental. Riding in Ubud lets you slow down going on an adventure around the hectic and narrow areas. Sightseeing the busy Ubud center or the gorgeous paddy fields are way more approachable by bike too.

On the other hand, nimble motorcycles are popular in Southeast Asia. They allow you to navigate smoothly throughout the jams on the island or a trip to far-off places. Considering the roads in Bali comprises of a lot of small alleys, renting a motorbike, thus becomes a smart solution. It enables you easy access to destinations of your desire.  

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Not everyone has the permit to ride a motorbike

This is when it gets tricky. In order to manifest your chill, wind-in-air riding experience by a motorbike, you need to be skillful at it first and foremost. Don’t be a reckless rider. One who rides all the way not knowing the rules implemented by a country especially if you’re a visitor. Be a responsible rider and abide by the existing rules. Mostly, the visitors who are not of South-East Asian origins might find it hard to adapt to the two-wheeled vehicle since they do not use it often. Therefore, you need to practice using it. 

For the locals, they should be at least 17y.o to finally receive their driving license. On the other hand, tourists can apply for a temporary license at the Poltabes in the international section. They can help out with the permit. To register, prepare your photocopied passport, KITAS, and a sum of money for the administration process. Most tourists like skipping the process and look for anyways if the rental shops or the private villa in Ubud that offers the service can assist them in some way with this.

However, it is wise for you to arrange for a temporary license if you are planning to stay for a while with high mobility. Seek rental services that cover your insurance. This is because the traffic conditions in Indonesia, overall, are pretty precarious.

Finding alternatives

Of course, there are several options that you can take into account when you are traveling in Ubud. Usually, you can always rely on Gojek and Grab (two renowned transportation services in Indonesia) if you are outside of Ubud. Nonetheless, Ubud has quite a system to make sure the native drivers have plentiful occupancy as well. Therefore, they do not allow Gojek and Grab to replace the native drivers. To go on an excursion around Ubud is perfect with the native drivers. Not only they are extremely humble with the tourist, but they also speak conversational English as well. Since they are indigenous to the area, you can befriend them and find out things you would like to understand about Ubud.

This is for those who have no riding experience and would like to cut the process of renting a motorbike and administering the permit.

KajaNe Bali Villas’ Bits of Advice on Riding Rule of Thumbs in Indonesia

There is nothing worse than an arrogant rider and impulsive driver. Keep in mind that the road users either the locals or the visitors should obey the safety rules. Understand your speed limits and what to avoid can prevent you from having to encounter unwanted accidents. Watch out for the road signs and traffic lights, wear your riding gear properly, and perform regular checks at the workshop to anticipate motorbike malfunction.

For a more pleasant traveling experience in Ubud

At present, Bali is struggling to fight the uprising cases of Covid-19. We are hoping that the hospitality industry will recover as soon as possible. Bali has reached the progress of 70% vaccination out of the entire society and the figure is still improving. Furthermore, the tourist spots in Ubud are all CHSE certified. For the reservation of KajaNe Bali Villas especially KajaNe Mua and KajaNe Yangloni, our Private Villa in Ubud,  please contact us at +0361 4792361 or

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