How to Handle a Family Trip like a Pro: Tips by KajaNe Bali Villas

When Parents Are Longing for Vacation but With Kids – Our Bali family villas are always ready to cater your need for a family trip

A family excursion can be quite a pressure on parents. You don’t want to mess up the itinerary but nobody knows what the future holds. Anything can happen along the way especially with kids. As a renowned Ubud family villa, We cover several things that become the concerns of the parents when having a trip and provide the ultimate guide for a family vacation. 

Don’t Be Too Rigid with Your Expectation

There is no perfect vacation. You may set a list of plans that you’d like to do anyway. However, remember that what goes on in your mind can come up wrong at the end. Having kids in your life can get pretty messy and every parent knows this. They are God’s grace yet we can’t deny that sometimes it can be vexing for parents to handle their tantrums. Kids are kids; they are unstable and going on vacation will not instantly change their naughty behavior to an angelic one. Be flexible with your vacation timeline. Aside from kids, there are things like bad weather, destinations, if you’re in Bali, choosing your Bali family villas, and many others can occur. Through the disaster during your travel, there are always amazing memories in it. Also, this can train your patience so you can take everything as they are and move on. 

Be Attentive: Check and Re-Check Your List

Transfer what your family needs, what to do at home before the trip, destination list, and what to bring in the form of few lists. It’s hard to keep up with tons of things before the due date. A list makes everything much more practical as it’s easy to track down. It’s basically your best travel buddy that reminds you what to prioritize. For instance, you can put the priorities to ask someone caring for your animals and plants, preparing an absence letter for your child if the vacation on school days on your ‘to-do before vacay’ list.

Ensuring You Book Kid-Friendly Accommodation at Our Bali Family Villas

What’s better than the idea of kid-friendly accommodation for your trip? Leaving some room for mommy and daddy can rarely happen when you decide to go together with your kids. Therefore, it’s always nice to have a wee bit of aid to watch out for the young ones. The nice thing about kid-friendly accommodation is they provide reliable facilities for kids as well. In this sense, they could offer kids ‘bedrooms, childcare, kids ‘activities, and kids’ pool. You can take a deeply peaceful breath knowing that your kids are safe and in the right hand. 

Considering having a trip to Bali? You can count on us to be your perfect choice of accommodation that caters to your kids’ necessities. KajaNe Bali Villas are the right Bali family villas that always strive to offer the best staycation experience by meeting what’s on-demand in our market. We truly understand your concerns and it’s an honor for us to be the sitter of your lovely kids so you can have the most out of your trip with no worries. 

Arrange Vacation Budget to Stick to: Prepare Enough Cash

Clearly, you can choose how you spend the days at your destination. This will relate to your budgeting as well. Your journey can cost you a fortune and can be reasonably cheap if you’d like to. It depends on how many spots you’d like to visit, the choices of dine-in places, the kind of accommodation, and many more. You don’t have to be so tight on the expense but be wise in choosing the activities that could fit your budget.

Remember to prepare extra money and cash, in addition to the set estimation trip. Moreover, there might be an unexpected charge that normally turns up so it’s great to bring more cash for emergency situations. Therefore, save up for a more relaxing budget on your trip.

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