A Full-On Balinese Culinary Experience at KajaNe Bali Villas

Must-Try Menu Recommendations by Kajane Bali Villas to Help You Define Balinese Flavors

It will be a never-ending discussion when it comes to Nusantara delicacies; always an interesting topic to converse about. Indonesia is an archipelago country consisting of 34 provinces and inhabited by an estimate of 1,340 ethnic groups that share their own uniqueness, including in this case, their culinary aspect. Things that create the characteristics found in Indonesia’s food are the use of certain spices and how they prepare the native food perfectly representing their regions. In a broader sense, Indonesia’s food authenticity derives from the umami power of spices incorporated in the cooking. For Westerners who are not used to this kind of flavor would often find it hard to get used to the strong taste of Indonesian goodies. 

What’s the Unique Point?

The secret of Balinese food lies in the abundance of spices put in their cooking as well as their exceptional cooking methods. Balinese culinary is extremely familiar with the constant use of coconut milk and grated coconut. The dominant flavors are savory, spicy and have strong seasonings. Hence, if you are a food lover with a sharp after taste, Balinese cuisine will easily make you addicted.

 One example of a renowned dish in Bali is Ayam Betutu with basa genep. Translated into English, basa genep means basic seasoning or complete seasoning. Another term for basa genep is basa rajang because the locals utterly chop all spices. Another catchword is basa gede which signifies its large use of spices. It is the king of all flavoring ingredients that make up the specialty of Balinese cuisine. It is a complex mixture of 15 spices occupying the chopping method until the texture is close to finely smooth.

To produce basa genep, they never crush, blend or pound the ingredients. Balinese people commonly merge basa genep in their cooking for vegetable dishes, lawar, pork soup, roasted chicken, steamed meat wrapped in banana leaf, and many others. It requires patience since it takes a long process apart from chopping up the numerous ingredients. Moreover, you need to have the right proportion or else it will turn out too bitter.

Take a Peek at the Mouthwatering Dishes Served at Homemade Resto

You might be overwhelmed at the very beginning of your Balinese food adventure. There are plentiful kinds of Balinese dishes to choose from and you may question where to start. Step up your game by trying the delicious selections of Balinese cuisine at HomeMADE Resto KajaNe Bali Villas. They offer a wide range of delights not only limited to Indonesian food but also Asian and Western cooking. You can comfortably revert to your food preference in case your palate is still adjusting. Here are some Balinese culinary that you really have to taste to introduce your taste buds to its original flavors.

Sambal Matah

The multipurpose of sambal matah is often encountered as a condiment for the main course or primary spice in a main dish. The ingredients are simple and it tastes a little sour which arouses appetite especially if you request it spicy. The main ingredient is raw shallots, sliced ​​very thinly. Season with salt, mix it with shrimp paste and few squeezes of leprous lime or jeruk limau then pour over hot coconut oil. At HomeMADE Restaurant KajaNe Bali Villas, you can discover sambal matah as a complement to Balinese Chicken Gimbal and Kajane-Style Fried Rice.

Balinese Chicken Gimbal (shredded chicken, mixed of Balinese sambal matah and cucumber)

Kajane-Style fried rice (hotwok fried rice with kantan flower, chickens satay lilit, omelette, and prawn cracker)

Suna Cekuh

Its utilization is not peculiar in Bali. You can relish it in form of sauce, stir-fry seasoning, and spices for cooking. The resulting taste is a harmonious blend of the savory garlic and galanga grind. In order to know the taste better, you can try Gurita Suna Cekuh by HomeMADE Resto.

Gurita Suna Cekuh (fragrant Balinese suna cekuh as sauce, lemongrass, octopus served with steamed rice and a choice of vegetable)

Basa Genep

This is Balinese local pride that you should definitely have a taste. Your trip to Bali will remain incomplete when you have not yet savored the distinctive taste coming from the authentic Balinese basa genep. You can get it by ordering Ayam Panggang Basa Genep while enjoying your holiday at KajaNe Bali Villas.

Ayam Panggang Basa Genep (grilled chicken with Balinese spices and served with steamed rice)

Sayur Urap

Sayur urap is a special Balinese salad that does not contain meat at all. The ingredients integrate bean sprouts, long beans, and kale are all boiled or steamed first until they are cooked. After that, they will rub all ingredients with grated coconut dressing that has been previously seasoned. The flavors are sweet, savory, and inviting you to eat more and more. At HomeMADE Resto you can find it as a condiment on the Crispy Fried Duck and Banjar Platter.

Crispy Fried Duck(crispy duck served with steamed chicken, chicken soup, sayur urap, and Balinese sambal)

Banjar Platter (Balinese rijsttafel with steamed rice, Balinese satay, fried chicken, grilled tuna, balado egg, tofu, soybean, ointment, and chicken soup)

Chicken Satay Lilit

Unlike regular satay you may discover in every corner of Nusantara. Balinese chicken satay does not require peanut sauce. It seriously does not need any complement to perfect satay lilit Bali, it is already exquisite as it is. This gratifying satay from the island of the gods is a combination of finely chopped meat, grated coconut, and all the ultimate goodness of the ground spices before each being wrapped around lemongrass or banana stalks. You can revel in KajaNe-style Fried Rice dish to prove its deliciousness.

Kajane-style Fried Rice (hotwok fried rice with kantan flower, chickens satay lilit, omelette, prawn cracker)

Can’t Get Enough Of Kajane Bali Villas and Its HomeMADE Resto Dishes

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