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KajaNe Mua Bali Luxury Villas - Tropical hideaway right in the heart of Ubud

Settled in the hearth of Ubud, KajaNe Mua Villa Ubud is the only Ubud resort travelers look for. Designed exclusively to meet all type of travelling needs, it provides numerous private luxury pool villas and several Mansion rooms. Creatively blend the modernity and traditional feel in its villas and rooms, KajaNe Mua Bali Family Villas eagerly offers a tropical hideaway in Ubud Bali. At just one step door to Ubud tourist activities, KajaNe keep the undisturbed atmosphere, tranquil and serenity of Ubud escape undoubtedly.

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KajaNe Yangloni Villa Ubud Bali - A gateway back to the authentic culture and nature of Ubud

With a mere 5 minutes driving from the heart of Ubud, KajaNe Yangloni Villa Ubud is a private villa in Bali is the only option of escaping from commercialized Ubud crowed of tourist activities. Wooden Luxury Antique Villas nestled surrounded by huge rice field and several Mansion rooms are heartily designed to offer you a quality stay with traditional feel yet modern facilities and services. Bringing the campaign of healthy life, KajaNe Yangloni Bali luxury villas serves you with gym and yoga studio in the house. No where to stay in Ubud town, but KajaNe Yangloni is the only best choice to give you a fully relaxing retreat Ubud stay, where all your need of escaping is fully assisted flawlessly.

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KajaNe Tulamben Private Villa Bali - The gentle breeze of a genuine beach awaits you

Less than 2 hours from Ngurah Rai Airport, KajaNe Tulamben bali family villas brings up best hotel option. bali luxury villas With several luxury wooden private pools and Mansion Rooms perched overlooking the blue peacefull beach, it saves you close from magnificent marine paradise in Bali. A couple of minutes from Tulamben and Amed, the heaven of Marine life adventure. KajaNe Tulamben luxury villas offers you best deal hotel in the north east of Bali with breathtaking ambiance of truly rural beach view. We guarantee you a perfect holiday escapce. Our professionality of hospitality services is undeniably.

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Caravan by KajaNe Bali

Forget those luxurious hotels with their expensive facilities and amenities. When price doesn’t matter then experience does. It is true that Bali’s beauty is acquired by experiencing it. Caravan Managed by KajaNe comes with the trigger to provide a truly experienced adventure to get you immerse into the beauty of Bali, its nature and culture. Road through and feel how Bali’s nature give you a satisfaction of traveling in Bali. Just sit on your comfortable sofa or bed, our professional butler will drive you to the most epic places in Bali. Sleep out beneath the star or be in your own Caravan, save your travel time and you always have an option to enjoy what mother earth provides Bali with excellent by KajaNe, The Best Luxury Private Villas.

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