KajaNe in responds to COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the Outbreak of Covid-19 globally, KajaNe has take precautionary action to internally be prepared to face a new challenges of cleanliness standard arisen by this pandemic. We kept updating our knowledge about this pandemic from our local Authorities and also World Health Organisation.

Cleanliness Protocol has changed
Following WHO and our National Authorities advice in term of cleanliness standard, we enhancing or cleaning protocol. Hospitality during Covid-19 has change a lot. We want our beloved guest know our commitment that their health and safety is our priority. Cleanliness, hygiene and social distancing are some we elevate for our new protocol. We strive to the importance of high-touch surface cleanliness in room and public spaces to treated with hospital-grade disinfectants and done with increased frequency.

Different Hospitality Definition
We used to hugs our beloved guest as a sign of our genuine warm welcome. But Covid-19 changes it. We won’t let it change the core meaning of our hospitality. We change it into a raised “Namaste” to follow social distancing advice from the authorities. It said transmission happens under personal touch. Our welcoming heart is widen through this tragedy of Covid-19. We want to ensure that both our beloved guests and employee wellbeing is safe and secure.
An additional of check-in protocol is also conducted. Thermo-scan upon arrival and also hand sanitizing is a mandatory for our beloved guest. We will continue this protocol later on the recovery stage of this pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic caused us to elevate our cleanliness standards and hospitality norms and behavior to meet the new health and safety challenges

Our Employee well-being
Our Employees are our greatest assets. To win this challenging time could only be achieved under the same commitment. Encouraging each other to take action to flatten the curve of infection. Take care of immune and stay alert from crowd. Not miss wearing any mask when being in public space. We have distributed mask and vitamin for the sake of our Employee wellbeing. We are sure, this difficult situation shall pass soon. When our beloved guest ready to travel again, we will be ready to serve. Until then, we ensure that standard protocol of cleanliness and safety of our beloved guest will be increased to meet the current situation.

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