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instagram spots in Bali

12 Instagram Spots in Bali to Make Your IG Feed Looking Exotic

KajaNe Mua – Ubud

Although the Island of God has been drawing worldwide attention for its beauty and of course for the many Instagram spots in Bali since countless...

healing walks in Bali

Spark Better Mood with These 5 Healing Walks in Bali


KajaNe Bali Villas is here to save the day! When life gets hard, there’s no better thing we could recommend than going for one of...

Productivity on work from bali setting

5 Simple Rules to Productivity on Work from Bali Setting


Are you one of those who anticipate the worry of lacking productivity although your supervisor has entrusted you the privilege to Work from Bali (WFB)?...

galungan in bali

Galungan in Bali – What to Expect (And the Myth)

Galungan in Bali is around the corner. To be précised, it’s happening on November 10, 2021, this year. It is one of the sacred ceremonies...

the ultimate guide to planning a group trip

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Group Trip

Some people are not into group trips because of the crowd it makes or how easy it is to mess up with the plan once...

Benefits of Hydroponics - Why Is It the Future of Farming?

Benefits of Hydroponics – Why Is It the Future of Farming?

Let’s think of the worst-case before we elaborate on the matter of hydroponics further. The world population will keep on adding to today’s figure in...