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tips to save money on travel

5 Smart Tips to Save Money on Travel to Bali

Sometimes, travelers are not the richest persons ever but people be thinking so because travelers always look on the go.  How about we tell you,...

Bali opens for international flights

NOW! Bali Opens Its Door for International Tourists

October 14 has been the new beginning for the tourism industry on the island of paradise. Bali is ready to open its door now, runs...

Festivals in Bali by KajaNe Bali Villas, Private Villas in Ubud

A Must-Visit! Famous Contemporary Festivals in Bali


The diversity of art and culture in Bali has been recognized worldwide. Exhibition in form of art festivals in Bali has many people hyping about...

Balinese massage technique

What Is a Balinese Massage Technique? What to Expect


A massage entails more than just hand strokes on our body. It’s a fusion of diverse cultures and pearls of wisdom passed down from ancient...

Is Bali open for tourism? by kajane bali villas

Is Bali Open for Tourism? (2021 News Update)

While some countries have made vacations possible like in Europe; Asia, on the other hand, not so much. Bali, however, has made good progress in...

Bali honeymoon ideas featuring kajane bali villas

Bali Honeymoon Ideas featuring KajaNe Bali Villas


As soon as that ‘I do’ was exclaimed amid all the social distancing posts all around you, what’s next? Do you run out of Bali...