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Festivals in Bali by KajaNe Bali Villas, Private Villas in Ubud

A Must-Visit! Famous Contemporary Festivals in Bali


The diversity of art and culture in Bali has been recognized worldwide. Exhibition in form of art festivals in Bali has many people hyping about...

Bali honeymoon ideas featuring kajane bali villas

Bali Honeymoon Ideas featuring KajaNe Bali Villas


As soon as that ‘I do’ was exclaimed amid all the social distancing posts all around you, what’s next? Do you run out of Bali...

KajaNe Bali Villas' Top Picks for the 5 most beautiful Bali temples

KajaNe Bali Villas’ Top Picks for the 5 Most Beautiful Bali Temples


This is the ultimate guide to explore the spiritual side of Bali. Here are KajaNe Bali Villas’ recommendations for the outstanding Bali temples you should...

KajaNe Bali Villas' Top Picks for Street Food in Bali - Stay at our private villa in Ubud

KajaNe Bali Villas’ Top Picks for Iconic Street Food in Bali


KajaNe Bali Villas’ favorite street foods that we reckon you should be giving them a try While you can definitely find high-end restaurants with Asian...

Tips Riding Motorcycle and how much to rent scooter in Bali - Motor Rental Service in Ubud - KajaNe Bali Villas

Before Renting a Scooter: Get Around Ubud Tips


When you’re vacationing in a hotel or private villa in Ubud, the receptionist might question whether you were fancy to rent a motorbike? Some, including...

Bali Waterfalls near Our Private Villa in Ubud by KajaNe Bali Villas - The Best Bali Family Villas

4 Waterfalls near Our Private Villa in Ubud


Staycation in Bali especially at KajaNe Bali Villas is highly recommended when you are looking for a solitary reset from the crowds. However, do you...