Wedding Venue at Tulamben

Discover of KajaNe Tulamben – Tulamben

Wedding at KajaNe ~ dream of an unforgettable wedding
One dreams of a once-in-a-lifetime wedding ceremony that will last ’till eternity. KajaNe provides a flawless venue to bring your dream wedding to life. A lush ricefield view at KajaNe Yangloni or sea shore ambience at KajaNe Tulamben are the two options you can choose from. Ranging from the simple eloping to a legal wedding, let this hassle on our professional handling. We are keen to free you from the stress of wedding arranging with our customizable wedding planning. Send us an email for further queries; we will be in touch with you for your desired wedding. Herewith are some options only for your perusal. As informed, we are easy and customized yet professional. Our special offer starts from USD 450++

For wedding arrangement, please contact us below:
Phone: +62361 972875

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