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Managing Stress Level with D’Paon’s Hydroponic Course


Have you ever taken a hydroponic course? Gardening has become one among many favorite activities of numerous people during the pandemic. Be it for decorative...

Fun Caravanning in The Luxury of a Bali Villa


Featuring Caravan Managed by KajaNe Bali Villas More and more people seem to enjoy being free exploring on the road in a van is interesting...

KajaNe Mua’s Fun Activities that Prolong Your Stay


Here is a recap of enjoyable retreats that you should give a try on your staycation in KajaNe Mua Ubud. The world shuts down due...

Limited Offer Special Christmas 2N3D Stay at KajaNe Mua Villa in Ubud Bali

Christmas Offers

Christmas always becomes a special moment to celebrate all over the world. There is no doubt, not only in Bali, but the entire world is...

Top 6 Favorite Tourism Destinations Near Ubud

Ubud Destination

Entering the last two months in 2020, have you plan a holiday to celebrate Christmas or welcoming the new year? Visit Bali and spend the...

Villa Ubud

Explore the Ubud’s Hidden Gems through Cycling with KajaNe Villa Ubud Bali

Cycling Activity

If you a traveler who loves adventure and looking for a more challenging experience while exploring Bali, cycling can be the best choice to explore...