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instagram spots in Bali

12 Instagram Spots in Bali to Make Your IG Feed Looking Exotic

KajaNe Mua – Ubud

Although the Island of God has been drawing worldwide attention for its beauty and of course for the many Instagram spots in Bali since countless...

KajaNe Bali Villas Below $200 - The best selection of private villa in Ubud, tulamben villas, and bali family villas

Gorgeous Bali Villas, You Won’t Believe Below $200 in Bali

KajaNe Yangloni – Ubud

We couldn’t stress this enough. However, our luxury Bali villas are indeed below $200. Are you in search of a gorgeous stay on a budget...

Tips Choosing Villa in Bali to Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021

KajaNe Mua – Ubud

Time flies so fast, and now we reach the last month of 2020. We’ve through so many things this year. Now it’s time to release...

Limited Offer Special Christmas 2N3D Stay at KajaNe Mua Villa in Ubud Bali

Christmas Offers

Christmas always becomes a special moment to celebrate all over the world. There is no doubt, not only in Bali, but the entire world is...

Tips How to Choose Best Honeymoon Villa in Ubud

KajaNe Mua – Ubud

Honeymoon in Bali is still become the target of newlyweds. Alluring tourist destinations and mouth-watering culinary tours are two things that make many couples want...

Top 6 Favorite Tourism Destinations Near Ubud

KajaNe Activities

Entering the last two months in 2020, have you plan a holiday to celebrate Christmas or welcoming the new year? Visit Bali and spend the...