Have A Try To Healthy Natural Food at Ubud HomeMADE Resto in KajaNe Villa Ubud!

“You are what you eat” this quote may describe how the food that you eat determines who you are. Bali not only famous for the luxury Bali villas and the great hospitality that offered, but it is also known for the traditional and modern culinary. Many tourists from all around the world visit Bali, should have a try at the Balinese dish that is becoming a must agenda in Bali for them. Junk-food may have the biggest fans, but healthy food in Bali also has a generous enthusiast. You have so many choices on what you want to eat here in Bali. You can easily find your authentic food from your country if you cannot adapt to the Balinese taste. However, come to Bali would be perfect if you have experience in trying Balinese food.

Actually, not all Balinese foods are healthy and free from chemicals, some foods need flavor enhancers to make the taste more delicious. We cannot claim to be full-fledged vegans ourselves, but you have a choice to eat healthy food with free MSG for example. Since the beginning of the 21st century, healthy food became a trendsetter among a small exclusive group of people who concern about their well-being. Day by day, the group becomes larger and larger, and healthy organic food grew out to be away of life for most of the people in the world.

The founder of Ubud HomeMADE Resto is one of Bali’s famous Medical Practioner who very concern with this trend. We are combining the old method from Balinese ancestor with the trend to cook. Ubud HomeMADE tries to settle the Contemporary Ubud Cuisine by decrease the use of MSG preservatives, as well as an additive food coloring. The entire ingredient used is natural and fresh. All food sources come from our own ORGANIC garden in Plaga Village. Therefore our restaurant is suited for you to hold a meeting, family time, chilling with friends, dinner with a beloved one, or you can just come to killing time and enjoy the Ubud vibes.

HomeMADE KajaNe Resto Mua Villa Ubud  

           We are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you have a special event, private candlelight dinners are also can be arranged. Afternoon tea or coffee is ready to spend your free time, and we also open a daily happy hour in the bar that draws hotel guests and locals. KajaNe Mua Private villa in Ubud is located in central Ubud on Monkey Forest Road. Meanwhile, the restaurant is near the busy road out front and faces the street. It is interesting to sit and watch the bustle and passers-by. For you who plan to stay in Ubud, Kajana Mua Villa also available a room with four stars hotel facilities and completed with a pool, gym, yoga class, free breakfast, and includes ten different set menus to accommodate a wide range of tastes. It also can be delivered straight to the rooms or villas with no extra charge. 

KajaNe Restaurant served so many kinds of menus, start from appetizer and soup as an opening dish that you can choose. Then the main course consists of several choices such as Contemporary and Special Dishes such as Indonesian and Asian foods. However, if you prefer western taste, you can choose Western Dishes, Brunch, Pizza, and Sandwich menus. For you who commit to vegan life and become a vegetarian, you may try our special Vegetarian and Salad menus. After choosing your main course, we have some variant Dessert with the touch of traditional Balinese taste that becomes a-must-try dish at our restaurant. 

Well, if you searching for good food and a perfect stay here in Ubud, “KajaNe Mua Villa Ubud” can be one of your lists to have a different and unforgettable experience in Bali. We have special offers that can make your stay perfect only with us. Don’t be hesitated to contact us for further information, and book yours now!

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