Managing Stress Level with D’Paon’s Hydroponic Course

Have you ever taken a hydroponic course? Gardening has become one among many favorite activities of numerous people during the pandemic. Be it for decorative purposes or food crops, hydroponics is a promising method given the limited land available. Apart from helping to provide daily necessities, the hobby of gardening can also relieve stress when the shut-down limits our usual routines. Although the constant practices of staying at home sometimes bring about pressure in every aspect of our life, we can try to calm our nerves by indulging in creative activities to downward and distribute our weary mind in a more positive attitude. 

In fact, if you are in doubt about the result, the hydroponic method can surely provide good quality products. In a holistic manner, by growing what we eat ourselves, we can appreciate the process of caring for a plant from start to finish. Cultivating plants painstakingly requires dedication and commitment to produce an amazing harvest that can be enjoyed by everyone. Therefore, It is not rare for us to find many people failed doing it and causing their plants to eventually die. However, the real fun lies there. Failure is the best teacher. By comprehending extensively the planting process based on our experience, we can learn more carefully about what provokes the occurrence before attempting to do it again.

Instead of guessing what we should pay attention to, we can see and ask directly what we can anticipate before trying this hobby by joining Kajane’s hydroponic course at D’Paon.

Get to Know D’Paon Yangloni

Simply say, D’Paon is still closely interconnected with KajaNe Bali Villas. Its location is in the vicinity of Ubud and just about 4 minute walking distance from KajaNe Yangloni Ubud. D’Paon has distributed local harvest to our HomeMADE Resto at KajaNe Bali Villas so we are able to operate optimally with a supply of fresh organic vegetables and fruits. Therefore, we always ensure our guests that our delicious delicacies derive from the freshest ingredients. They will only get the best product. The availability of Fresh Mart by D’Paon allows the possibility for you to enjoy their yield as well.

Gain insight into how D’Paon green’s thumbs developing high-quality food sources. Create a memorable experience collecting your own fruits and vegies. Afterward, the cooking professional at D’Paon will process your recent pick at D’Paon restaurant. There is also a fish pond where you can fish and enjoy the catch on the spot. The chefs of D’Paon will turn it into a tasty dish that will pamper your taste buds.

What Are the Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening?

  • Easy gardening as its growing medium is not land but water referring to its term ‘hydro’.
  • Plant growth is faster because nutrients mixed in a liquid medium tends to absorb more quickly by plants
  • Time-efficiency as it does not require constant watering sessions
  • The hydroponic garden has less risk of being exposed to pests
  • Plant growth does not rely on season and weather
  • Guaranteed cleanliness and when the essential nutrients are fulfilled you can generate high-quality produces.

Holidays at Kajane Bali Villas Are Even More Colorful!

Let’s deepen your knowledge about the benefits of hydroponic gardening with D’Paon. Visit our Instagram here to see the excitement of D’Paon and friends from sowing seeds to reaping their own crops. Take part in interactive and delightful activities with your loved ones at KajaNe Bali Villas. Develop your insight by engaging in a range of experiences that you can integrate into your daily life.

Tap here to book our exciting hydroponic course activities with D’Paon Yangloni. We currently have an appealing holiday offer in May that is ideal for extended family get-togethers. Don’t miss out on our best May offers by checking our promotional page at

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