How Ubud Heals Your Soul: Reset at KajaNe Bali Villas

Revealing why Ubud can be the reason you recover. Stay at KajaNe Bali Villas

Have you ever watched Eat Pray Love (2010) starring Julia Roberts that takes the setting in some of the best countries like India and Italy? The protagonist is stressed out from having been divorced by her partner. In spite of being rich where she can basically get anything she wants in life, she feels unhappy and decides to go on a healing journey. In India, she finds the power of praying, and the true meaning of food in Italy. The last destination where she gets the most peace is when she is in Bali, Ubud to be precise.  The trip eventually leads her to the amazing life she has been longing for and she can regain her mindfulness back to her sense. What can we conclude from this?

What makes Ubud special?

Compared to other regions in Bali, Ubud always has a special place in the heart of its visitors. There is something about the magical aura in Ubud that you cannot explicate in words. Then, how would you describe Ubud? It is just intense. Tracing back to the birth of Ubud, the name derives from the Balinese word ‘ubad’ which is translated to ‘medicine’. We believe this is why this small village can be the best place to recover and improve your mental health.  Although it is getting touristy with a number of new establishments running in hospitality industries; the cultural center, the natural landscapes with beautiful vast rice terraces, the friendly natives, and again the strong aura still dominate the countryside. Staycation in Ubud is a lifetime experience that we think everyone should give a try.

To get the most out of Ubud

It is easy to get lost when admiring Ubud. KajaNe Bali villas cover several things you can do to discover life at its best during your stay in our private villa in Ubud.

List everything ‘you want to try’ and ‘too scared to try’

The first step is to note down every single thing that you have never tried before. As long as it doesn’t bring more harm than good to your life, you have the right to enjoy your freedom. Maybe the idea of solo traveling weighs you down. You can give an attempt to let yourself feel what it’s like rather than guessing it. Or you have always heard that visiting museums are boring but you won’t know unless you judge it for yourself.  There are plenty of art museums in Ubud from Neka Museum, Puri Lukisan Museum, Blanco Museum, and many others. In KajaNe Bali Villas, you can also engage in diverse activities and the truth is, you might end up loving it.

Make new connections by volunteering in local organizations

Volunteering not only signifies how you can give back to the local community but also brings social value. The simple satisfaction we achieve from helping others can make us feel alive and respect the life we are living. We also learn that life is not all about material things; even poverty does not restrict the people from exuding the warmth and sincere laughter you rarely witness in most people that have more advantages in terms of money or privilege.  You can start by researching local organizations in Ubud based on your passions and your heart’s content such as schools, natural conservations, and animal rescues.

Join yoga practices

Isn’t it amazing how being skillful at our breathing technique can bring a more positive outlook when we are facing a problem? By letting more oxygen into our heads, we can see things clearer and thus makes our problems seem lighter. Instead of dwelling on things that burden our minds, we can just enjoy the process and let things be. Sometimes we sweat small things and forget the bigger picture there is. By doing yoga, not only can we have more control over our mind, but also a stronger core. Ubud also has an extended yoga community. By involving yourself in a group of people with similar interests, you will feel belonged, and are embraced.

Spa Day and Treat Yourself Better at Our Private Villa in Ubud – KajaNe Bali Villas

The perfect activity that can really elevate your mood in Ubud besides humbly walking down Ubud’s sub-districts is to pamper yourself. The therapeutic massage, the foot bath, and the calming sensation deriving from the herbs being used as the enchanting scrubs can really make you rejuvenated. Ubud has so many great spas and we think it will be such a waste if you do not have a go at these health resorts especially the HomeMADE Spa at KajaNe Bali Villas. Find the appropriate regimen to cure your worry and have a blast in the soothing touches of our professional masseurs.

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Focus on picking up your pieces at our private villa in Ubud – KajaNe Bali Villas

Amidst the pandemic, to distance ourselves from the crowds can be the ideal timing to reflect and get away from the hustle and bustle of our daily routines. Staycation in Ubud is a flawless location to restore our missing pieces. A saying tells us that one who cannot make use of vacationing properly, he probably be not wired right. Therefore, before losing yourself from a mental breakdown, give yourself a break to start again fresh. For the reservation of KajaNe Bali Villas especially KajaNe Mua and KajaNe Yangloni, our Private Villa in Ubud,  please contact us at +0361 4792361 or

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