Mental Health Staycation at KajaNe Bali Villas

We don’t think we can get enough discussion regarding mental health. Since the existence of social media platforms, issues related to psychological matters have become more and more apparent these days. Depression is at an all-time high and many people are hungry for the idea of resetting; escaping to somewhere where they can gather their inner peace back to themselves. Given the situation that is trending today and that is the repeated back-and-forth cases of Covid-19 in Bali and all over the world. It pushes back the way we can find ways to mitigate the rollercoaster in our minds as safely as possible.  KajaNe Bali Villas ranging from our KajaNe Yangloni private villa Ubud and KajaNe Mua in the heart of Ubud can be your winning option to go for relaxation and we’ll explain why in the following.

How do you recognize burnout?

Have you ever felt excessive exhaustion from mental, emotional, and physical work? You could be suffering from the signs of burnout. The idea of waking up every day bothers you so much, you wish that you could just disappear for good. You are blinded by the self-sabotaging stage you are going through; constantly blaming yourself, acting like everyone resented you, and visualizing nothing seems to be done well. You are extremely pessimistic about life. You have been going through a mental illness and you definitely need professional help. However, if you do not undergo such conditions in the most severe way, you can help yourself by taking a well-rested break.

How Your Mental Health Benefits from Staycation

Staycations are beneficial for your physical, emotional, and mental health. Understanding when to stop all the busy workloads to heal is the key to improve your mood as well. Often times we are so afraid to go on vacation and leave all the work behind.  You overthink the worst and horrible predictions that unsurely manifest in your vivid reality. The point you are missing out on is how crazy it will be in the long run if you are so ambitious to keep this going, on and on. Before you are losing yourself, learn how to let go first. When you are out for staycation half-hearted, the healing will not progress any further.

In a journal published in Harvard Business, indulging yourself in staycation can also elevate your productivity by inducing the level of happiness. Per 10-hour leave, it increases work performance by 8% and mitigates employees’ stress levels. No wonder why staycation is highly suggested.

Feel Alive at KajaNe Private Villa Ubud: Mental Staycation Tips

Staycation is the safest holiday that we can enjoy amidst the calamity of Covid-19. We recognize the need to ensure the health and safety of our guests for a more enjoyable holiday experience. KajaNe Private Villa Ubud and KajaNe Bali Villas overall are CHSE certified and have passed the certification from our government.  Areas in Ubud are also prioritized to be well-prepared in re-introducing Bali as a safe holiday destination. Our Ubud private villas are nestled in two different locations in the vicinity of Ubud. You can choose from our lush rice field view private villa Ubud KajaNe Yangloni or our private Bali villa KajaNe Mua in the Ubud center. We offer several suggestions that you can follow during your stay in the KajaNe Mua’s Fun Activities that Prolong Your Stay. Ubud is not hidden but obviously a gem in Bali that everyone loves.

If there’s anything that we can suggest to our dear friends who are now soul searching in Bali is, record how you deal with the problems that spend so much of your energy and drain you mentally and emotionally either in the form of a journal or a blog where you can share with your readers who might encounter the similar mental health journey like you do.

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