KajaNe Mua’s Fun Activities that Prolong Your Stay

Here is a recap of enjoyable retreats that you should give a try on your staycation in KajaNe Mua Ubud.

The world shuts down due to the outbreak of Covid-19. For more than a year our societies have been dealing with our fear to go outside. For travel junkies, it is almost heartbreaking to confine themselves when venturing is what they are really passionate about. Traveling is somehow stress-relief and we could not agree more to that. Exploring new places and escaping our restless souls from time-consuming activities is something we miss during the pandemic.

What We Have Missed During Lockdown

Several people might say they long the busy town; of their regular visits to their favorite cafes, restaurants or trying out new ones. The thing is not only restriction bans are put forward in lots of traveling sites, public places and transportation services, entertainment centers like the mall, café, restaurant, and many others are also forced close because of the hectic situation.

After the transmission level of the virus lowers down, it seems we got the green light already to refresh and break free for this uncertain time. We are in the constant practice of keeping in check of our facilities stay out of the virus to induce a safe holiday for our guests. However, at this point, people would still feel the paranoia of the crowds and such. This is when staycation came into play. Staycation becomes our sole solution to this never-ending boredom.   

Staycation Saves Us in 2021

Since we can now embrace our freedom once more, why don’t you take a deep breath of a positive mindset and relax the tension a bit? Although it seems our choice is limited, we are grateful that KajaNe Mua can provide the hospitality that you need for that positive vibe to finally arrive and inspires you to run your life in a much better perspective. With the gorgeous Ubud surrounding our private villa and our provisions of fun activities that you can relish during your staycation, Ubud vibe remains potent even within the reach of our facilities. 

We recap every single recreation of our facilities in which you can loosen up that anxious mind and unwind, in the followings:

#1 Enlighten Your Taste Buds to Balinese Cuisines

Discover a new sensation of Balinese authenticity from the tips of your tongue. Add ‘have a visit to our HomeMADE Restaurant’ to your must-do list. Our specialty is for sure the contemporary healthy Balinese delights from the combination of traditional and latest trend cooking methods. Our ingredients are fresh and natural. You can also find your usual country food might you be still adapting to local cuisines. Ease your mind off with our afternoon tea that you can savor with your loved ones. Read more about what our resto has to offer here.

#2 Relaxing Massage and Body Treatment at KajaNe Mua

Release your strain and lie down on our Bali HomeMADE Spa. Trust our skilled practitioners in delivering you a quick fix for your pressured mind and body, exchanging your agitation for relaxation. Make time for yourself and pick one of our packages. They are ranging from full body massage, reflexology, spa, foot bath, and a lot more packages for you to choose from. Read more about KajaNe Mua’s body treatment packages.

#3 Ubud Bali Yoga Retreat

Yoga is a holistic method of calming yourself down. In addition to that, you can reap the benefits of yoga for not only your mental health but to your strong core. We believe by strengthening the center of your body, you will gain balance mentally and physically. Ubud has a community of yoga enthusiasts and so is KajaNe Mua. Recharge your energy and have a relaxing yoga practice with us by scheduling with our professionals now here.

#4 Luxury Candle Light Dinner at Authentic Villa Ubud Bali

Immerse in an intimate romantic dinner with your significant other to celebrate the togetherness you have been through and the life you cherish. All set in pampering décor that will awe your lovely partner. You cannot find anything better than to be by your partner’s side complete with appetizing food served exclusively with our premium ingredients in a candlelight dinner. A special treatment will impress your special person and make both of you feel appreciated. Read more about our candlelight dinner experience in KajaNe Mua Ubud here.

KajaNe Mua Bali

By engaging in our vibrant activities, you will regain back that excitement of a Bali holiday. At the end of the day, KajaNe Mua always hopes that you will have something to look forward to in this difficult time. Situated in the heart of Ubud, KajaNe Mua is Bali’s 5-star private villa and mansion. Our rooms are all conditioned and well-featured with top-notch facilities and have the modernity yet Bali traditional vibe like no other places. Reserve your room in KajaNe Mua through our phone number +62361 972877 or simply hit us a message at reservation@kajane.com.

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