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To save Bali tourism, the government established Travel Bubble

We discussed how Working from Bali (WFB) becomes one of the resolutions managed by the government to kick start Bali tourism. We have sorted out the entire information from what we gathered through reliable news media. Now, what about the travel bubble? What is it?

The Value

Travel Bubble refers to a campaign that involves one or more countries that successfully mitigated the severe impact of the coronavirus to participate in the recovery of the tourism industry. This will allow the citizens in those countries to travel and leave the trouble of self-quarantine. Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia that becomes the priority today.

To accomplish this mission, the counties have to fulfill the conditions in setting up what so-called green zones. It means they should have lower active cases of Covid-19, an adequate number of hospitals loosen up for the public activity as well as the promptness of the focused areas to observe the existing health protocols such as CHSE certification for tourist destinations. The citizens and tourism actors should get their full vaccine shots to indicate their seriousness in creating safety for the tourists. Bali’s green zones currently focus on the regions of Ubud, Sanur, and Nusa.

While the distribution of vaccination is heading to the estimated target of 70%, other regions in Bali apart from the determined green zones are also striving to promote their destinations to make the campaign a success. The Vice Governor of Bali, familiar with the nickname Cok Ace, is expecting the development of sub-bubbles to enable every corner of Bali to recover its tourism sector. The Tourism Department is still in the progress of designing the arrival and departure schemes for the tourists in Bali.

What Countries Include in the Campaign?

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy has finalized plans for cooperation in opening foreign tourist gates with four countries through the travel bubble scheme. These countries include the Middle East, such as the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, China, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

Requirements for the Tourists in Travel Bubble

Several things to take into consideration confirmed by the government that should be fulfilled by the tourists who are about to enter the country are:

Tested negative for Covid-19 via Swab PCR test before departure and after arrival in Indonesia

The tourists should have gotten their full shots of the Covid-19 vaccine

Are You Excited for It?

Your enthusiasm for traveling is now resolved, only a month away until July. We can’t wait to welcome you warm-heartedly to the paradise island. Bask in the sun and surround yourself in the beloved lands and beaches you are looking forward to escaping after more than a year locked in the fear of Covid-19. Bali is here to stay!

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