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instagram spots in Bali

12 Instagram Spots in Bali to Make Your IG Feed Looking Exotic

KajaNe Mua – Ubud

Although the Island of God has been drawing worldwide attention for its beauty and of course for the many Instagram spots in Bali since countless...

KajaNe Bali Villas Below $200 - The best selection of private villa in Ubud, tulamben villas, and bali family villas

Gorgeous Bali Villas, You Won’t Believe Below $200 in Bali

KajaNe Yangloni – Ubud

We couldn’t stress this enough. However, our luxury Bali villas are indeed below $200. Are you in search of a gorgeous stay on a budget...

Gorgeous Sites Close to Kajane Tulamben Bali Villa

KajaNe Tulamben - Tulamben

Supposedly what your mind thinking when it comes to Bali only revolving around Ubud, Seminyak, and Canggu; you must have not explored the island hard...

Tips How to Choose Best Honeymoon Villa in Ubud

KajaNe Mua – Ubud

Honeymoon in Bali is still become the target of newlyweds. Alluring tourist destinations and mouth-watering culinary tours are two things that make many couples want...

Top 6 Favorite Tourism Destinations Near Ubud

Ubud Destination

Entering the last two months in 2020, have you plan a holiday to celebrate Christmas or welcoming the new year? Visit Bali and spend the...

Private Villa Bali

Make Your Wedding Dream Come True at KajaNe Private Villa Bali

KajaNe Mua – Ubud

A destination wedding can be one of the most beautiful events in one’s life that celebrate the love ceremony between two souls in a place...