Bali Travel To-Do Guide: Things to Do in Ubud

You might have missed your trip in Bali when you have not ventured to the most iconic, the all-round charming region with its potent cultural heritage amidst the western influences surrounding the area. We are definitely talking about Ubud.

Aside from the exposure coming from all backgrounds of visitors coming to Ubud, it has surprisingly retained their sacred spiritual vibe. It is also the home for Ubud Royal Palace, vegan fare restaurants, holy temples, lush monkey forest and sanctuary, yoga retreats, galleries and art museums.

You cannot enjoy the breathtaking sights of Ubud in a day trip. Plan ahead for the adventure by first booking your accommodation or else you will be overwhelmed by the attractions that you sign up for. Ubud has the some of the best hotels and private pool villas in Bali that you can choose from.

KajaNe Bali Villas are a combination of modernity and traditional vibe accommodations nestled on the best view of Ubud’s attractions.  Situated on three locations in Bali, KajaNe presents two Bali villas for your sweet escape in Ubud. Suit your best interest whether you are looking for a location in the heart of Ubud KajaNe Mua Bali Luxury Villas or you are in search of tranquility in the greeneries view of rice field KajaNe Yangloni Villa Ubud Bali.

Accommodation might be tricky to find but the prep for the to-do list is a must-real challenge for keen travelers so as not to miss the amusement Ubud put forward once you step your foot in the area. From recommended cafe to outdoor experience, here are things you should not let slip during your stay in Ubud.

#1 Your caffeine boost to start your day, enjoy your sip at Seniman Coffee Studio

When coffee is nothing but your addiction, be ready to set on an alley in the central of Ubud. Seniman Coffee serves the best coffees with various brewing methods from latte, V60, to cold brew, you name it!

#2 Jogging experience in an exquisite hill of Campuhan Ridge Walk

Have a pleasant walk or jog around early in the mornings. It is the best time to visit the place after all since the heat is almost unbearable in the afternoon. It might be a quite difficult search for the location on its own in the hustle and bustle of Ubud, so you will pass by a school park.

Upon heading to the hill, you have to walk passed the Gunung Lebah temple and a bridge with a streaming river in the downside. Take as much time as you need to recharge your barrel while walking down the paved ways and to make it even better, it is free of charge!

#3 Sign up for yoga class

You will be surprised at how enthusiastic people are in Ubud to make Yoga as a routine. Ubud also comprises of diverse community of yoga practitioners with spacious serene venues to opt for. You can have this well-curated experience by registering for some of the yoga classes such as those of Yoga Barn and many more.

#4 Soul Cleansing at the holy springs of Tirta Empul

Make the trip to this site a must-visit list. Established in 1957 by the first president of Indonesia, Soekarno, Tirta Empul is renowned for its mesmerizing spiritual getaway. You need to wear a sarong upon entering the premises and women are not allowed to go in during their period.

To explore the entire site is a whole new complexity so you need to bring a guide or else you will be left with a lot of questions on your mind. Specifically, in ‘Jaba Tengah’, you will witness a line of people in the queue for water spouts and dip their head. Surely, you need to be aware of two spouts meant for the dead. Do not hesitate to question the locals when you are in doubt.

#5 Selections of all day vegan fare at Sawo Bali

It is not hard to find vegan based restaurants in Bali, especially Ubud. However, at Sawo Bali, they offer a feast of vegan and halal cuisines from appetizer to dessert buffet at a relatively cheap price daily.

#6 Taste authentic Balinese Delights at Gianyar Night Market

Jalan Ngurah Rai is just a regular street by day. However, at night, it is getting busier with vendors opening up their food stalls ready to satiate your evening cravings for street food and traditional Indonesian snacks. Not only limited to cuisines, several stalls specialize in fruits, toys, household materials, vegetables, Balinese Hindu ritual items, and etc. If you are new to the area, make sure you are accompanied with a local.

#7 Pay a visit to admire the local talents at Neka Art Museum, Agung Rai Museum, and Rudana Museum

To expose your hunger on historical art and contemporary artworks in Indonesia over the years, you can have a comprehensive tour to Ubud’s museums. They showcase wide array of artworks that you can relish on your relaxing days in Ubud.

#8 Befriending the monkeys at Monkey Forest

A sanctuary of more than 500 hundreds of primates, Monkey Forest is a natural habitat to grey long-tailed macaques. You may try to feed them with fruits but do not be tempting to wear jewelry or bring valuable materials because they are notorious for snatching things they thought as food.

#9 Sun rising in Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Tegalalang Rice Terrace could be the best walk you can have in the morning beside Campuhan Ridge Walk in Ubud. The rice field view and its traditional irrigation system create a massive slope making it beautiful and unique in the sight of the beholders.

#10 Discover Bali through local dance performances at Puri Saren, Peliatan Village, and Pura Dalem Puri

The functions of traditional dances in Bali are either for sacred ritual or entertainment. The movements are intense and full of body and face gestures. At Puri  Saren, Peliatan Village, Pura Dalem Puri, traditional dances are often performed. To anticipate for the sacred dances, you need to catch up on Hindu holy days in Bali. Stay informed and you will be able to enjoy the gems of Bali.

#11 Outdoor Activities in Ubud with Pravasa Adventure

If you are outdoor games junkies, you surely do not want to miss out on Pravasa Adventure. Enjoy a whole new experience like you have never had before with Pravasa to sign up for their sky biking, swing, flying fox games, and other fun activities for your entertainment. They guarantee for your safety and put your happiness on top of everything.  By minimum of two-night stay in KajaNe, you are also inclusive for free 1x activity at Pravasa Bali Adventure­­­­.

Staying in Ubud for a day will never be enough. ­You can never get tired of Ubud for there are so many sites and activities to explore yet let Ubud ignite your inner peace and inspire your heart. You will be a brand new person the next day and you will not even notice. 

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