Top 14 Famous Beaches you need to see while in Bali

Bali attracts sunbathers from all over the globe eager to find that perfect mix of tropical rainforest, surf, and white sand beach. Bali does not disappoint. Beaches all around its coastline offer world class surfing, snorkeling and diving. The best Bali beach can be identified for every type of traveler and every level of swimmer. Some beaches have very strong currents and even experienced swimmers should take caution depending on the days’ conditions. Take a look below at a brief synopsis of some of the most popular beaches and a few ‘hidden’ beach favorites, starting at the very North twelve o’clock point of the island and moving around the island and the Bukit Peninsula clockwise.

Lovina Beach – This black sand beach is located at the northern tip of the island in a generally quiet area. The fewer tourist crowds make it a good choice for those looking for some peaceful relaxation. Calm seas and low tide make it a good choice for swimmers and its been said that dolphins can be spotted at sunrise. Further down the stretch you can find a fisherman’s village and thermal hot springs. 

Amed Beach – This black volcanic sand beach offers a rare sight in Bali. Instead of surfboards, one will find boats lining its shores. This has become one of the most popular dive sites due to shipwrecks nearby in Lipah Bay and the USS Liberty shipwreck just off the shore of neighboring Tulamben beach.

Bias Tugal (Tugel) Beach – This deserted little beach is accessible only via a 500m trek down a rocky path. Located near Padang Bai, it is known as Little Kecil to locals, or “Little Beach”. The fine white sands and turquoise water make this peaceful location a prime spot for those looking for some adventure and tranquility. The currents can be strong, so swimming is not advisable. 

Sanur Beach – This original Bali beach resort has still retained some of its old Balinese feel in spite of the development of surrounding fashion stores, hotels, and restaurants. The golden sand beach atmosphere has a more relaxed feel, compared to some of the other Bali ‘party’ beaches, which appeals mainly to middle-aged and older visitors. The small coral reef offers clear seas and a chance at some decent snorkeling and diving.

Nusa Dua Beach – This popular community was specifically designed to be an all-inclusive beach resort area.This is the most developed region on Bali with up-scale shopping and a full 18 hole golf course in the area. Three gate checks offer an enhanced sense of security to beachcombers. The swimming is great as the currents and tides are low and the water is fairly clear. 

Geger Beach – This beach located in the Nusa Dua area is likely the most popular day-visit beach destination for those not staying in Nusa Dua The many cafes and restaurants make it a fantastic place to spend a day. The currents are strong here, though not as strong as Kuta beach. Local seaweed farmers also work here, so you may get lucky and see some during their work day. 

Nyang Nyang Beach – This more ‘secret’ beach requires some uphill and downhill hiking. White sands and crystal blue sea will reward those who set out on the journey. Swim only when it is low tide here. 

Uluwatu – Located along the western tip of the Bukit peninsula is a rugged cliff-lined coast with hidden beaches tucked in between. World class breaks draw a surfers crowd to this part of Bali. Many of the restaurants here are perched high on the cliff overlooking the sea and boast about the view as well as the cuisine.

Padang – Padang Beach – This Bali beach also requires a hike (or scramble across some rocks) to arrive, and is surrounded by large rocks, plants, and even monkeys. Small caves can be explored during low tide and it is close to Uluwatu Temple.

Balanagan Beach – This small and quiet beach offers some extraordinary surf breaks and high waves. The ocean currents are strong here so it is not advisable for swimming, but the exceptional soft sand is perfect for building elaborate sand castles. 

Jimbaran Beach – This quiet and tranquil stretch of beach is home to many luxury 5 star resorts in Bali and more laid back peace-seekers.

Kuta Beach – This original surfer’s destination is Bali’s most popular beach, and its most crowded. The waves are high and the current is strong and it is with good reason that you will find many people crowded onto its shoreline watching those catching waves and joining in the day-long party.  

Legian Beach – Located just north of Kuta Beach, this is the second most popular beach destination after Kuta, largely due to its proximity to the former and the variety of nightlife options dotting the coastline.

Seminyak Beach – This small yet stylish beach offers sophisticated restaurants and fine dining with a laid back atmosphere opposite the feel of the Kuta crowds. It is also perhaps one of Bali’s most expensive beach destinations and attracts a more upscale clientele.

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