Gorgeous Sites Close to Kajane Tulamben Bali Villa

Supposedly what your mind thinking when it comes to Bali only revolving around Ubud, Seminyak, and Canggu; you must have not explored the island hard enough. Those districts are quite touristy, busy, and crowded in some way. However, fear not for there are countless hidden diamonds in the rough in Bali that you can pick according to your heart’s content. The other accommodation that is unlike no others we proudly own is KajaNe Tulamben Bali Villa.

KajaNe Tulamben Bali Villa: Lounge in our grand resort or by the beach

Perched on Kajane Street in Kubu District of Karangasem Regency; KajaNe Tulamben Bali Villa is overlooking the calm, exotic Baturinggit beach. Staycation in our resort takes you a walking distance of 600m to the coast. Hence, our guests will welcome their dawn with the view of a beautiful, warm sunrise. Since our resort is situated nearby the beach, you can definitely arrange for a barbeque night party with your favorite people or tie the knot in a serene beach panorama.

Are you dreaming to wake up with our gorgeous beach landscape? Check out KajaNe Tulamben Bali Villa with our facilities and prime services here.

Welcome To the Eastern Part of Bali!

The eastern part of Bali is beyond what the southern part has to offer. You might have known southern Bali with its glamorous style of beach clubs, cafes, restaurants, malls, and entertainment centers overall. However, the eastern region is much more deserted yet peaceful and meditative.

Moreover, the eastern part suits you best in case you are in need of privacy. The tranquil vibe when you set your foot in the neighborhood is unbelievably relaxing. Even the beaches are similarly sedate. Therefore, many of them are perfect for snorkeling and diving.

3 Famous Travelling Sites Close to KajaNe Tulamben Bali Villa: A Must Visit!

Our resort provides a chauffeur that can accompany your exploration in the vicinity. You surely do not want to miss out on these traveling sites once you are in Karangasem Regency. The fact that you take more or less than 4 hours from Ngurah Rai International Airport to Tulamben seems overbearing. We honestly suggest you spend 3 days or more enjoying the areas.

Diving Through the Shipwreck of US Liberty

Tulamben is well-known as the paradise for all diving enthusiasts. US Liberty Shipwreck is one of the most renowned and has been regarded as a world-class dive site. From KajaNe Tulamben, you have to drive for 6.5km approximately 10 minutes.  It has fairly easy access from the shore as well. Aside from the notorious history of the ship hit by a Japanese torpedo, you may also spot breath-taking sea creatures such as barracuda, Black Tip shark, garden ell, surgeonfish, and many others.

Tulamben Bamboo Treehouse

Established in 2015, the Tulamben Tree House is situated in Batu Dawa Village (around 6.4km from KajaNe Tulamben Bali Villa). The treehouse is built dominantly by bamboo material. The bamboo house may accommodate up to 6 people. For this safety reason, you need to stand in line before going up to the treehouse. On the higher ground, you will get to sight Mount Agung, Tulamben beach, as well as the picturesque of Amed Beach.

Savana Tianyar

This destination has been surprisingly happening for its vast land featuring the exceptional Mount Agung view that you can witness in the west. The premise used to severely break down by the mount’s eruption and resulted in broad dry soil in the hot season. Nonetheless, during the rainy season, the plants will start to turn green and mesmerizing. Visitors can definitely get some ideal and cool shots with the desert-like scene here. Savana Tianyar is located on Segara Agung Street, Tianyar Village, Kubu District, Karangasem Regency (within 8.5km reach from KajaNe Tulamben)


Although Tulamben is the world of divers, Karangasem, on its own is extensively great regency. To dive in Tulamben alone without having a taste of other districts and villages in the region will be meaningless. Consequently, you should prolong your stay to finally get a hold of sublime hidden gems that await you in Karangasem. While you are planning where to go next in the area, why don’t you relax that tension from those restless joints and minds by pampering yourself with our services and facilities?

Resembling our two branches, our resort is a package of luxury in the serenity of Baturinggit beach surroundings. Feel exclusive in our HomeMADE Spa and schedule yoga classes with our skilled instructor. Spoil your taste bud with the delicacies offered by our HomeMADE Restaurant serving you Bali’s authentic culinary experience. Call us now to reserve a room at +62361 972877 or message us at reservation@kajane.com.

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