KajaNe Bali Villas’ Top Picks for Iconic Street Food in Bali

KajaNe Bali Villas’ favorite street foods that we reckon you should be giving them a try

While you can definitely find high-end restaurants with Asian and Western food all around the regions of Bali, it will be such an amazing experience to taste the local cuisines especially Balinese delights that you can find easily on the streets. This is because most fine-dining eateries have adjusted the iconic Balinese cuisines to fit the taste buds of the visitors. Street foods in the overall present the traditional authenticity loved by the natives and it is interesting if you can find a new taste sensation that you might turn out addicted to.

The characteristics of street food in Bali

Abundant street food vendors are available on wheels, motorbikes, bicycles, mini stalls, and even food courts. Ranging from light to heavy dishes, night and day, you will simply locate them everywhere in Bali. You can discover street food presented with a class on any Bali villas, hotels where you stay at too but the options might be limited with price differences that might be quite far.

Although it might be more convenient to have your meals prepared in your accommodation like our HomeMADE restaurant in our private villa in Bali. However, we strongly recommend giving a taste of street food wherever you travel in Bali. Our suggestion is that you pick a place where you see many people crowding it. Following this way then you can presume that the food is delicious and you go to a trusted place. Also, to avoid Bali Belly, you may want to take it slow when savoring the intense and spicy Balinese food.

We cover a list of street food that you can almost locate in any part of Bali and put it on your bucket list someday you visit the island.

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#1 Pick by Our Private Villa in Ubud – Nasi Jinggo

If you’re craving a quick meal where you can eat on the go in the late evening, this is the best option that you can have.  This popular Balinese street food comes in small portions and is packed in a banana leaf. It goes with rice and some side dishes such as savory sautéed grated coconut, sambal, peanuts, fried noodles, egg, and shredded spicy chicken. Everything is served small so you might need 2 of these until you can be fully satisfied.

#2 Pick by KajaNe Bali Villas – Tipat Cantok and Tipat Plecing

This is the Balinese version of gado-gado with a mix of rice cake, peanut sauce, fried tempeh and tofu, and vegetables. The seller integrates all the ingredients into one solid dish. They are sweet and savory. However, if you have experimented on both, you can tell the distinctive features only tipat cantok has in store for us.

If you fancy something savory with a little bit of saltiness from fish stock, vegetables, and spicy Balinese sauce, tipat plecing is the perfect choice for you. To find the vendors selling this street food, you can track down nearby warungs or mini stalls on the street sides. Supposedly you see a large bottle of soy sauce and mortar in that stall then that’s definitely the one.

It is best to complement this dish with kerupuk or some kinds of inexpensive chips anything that is available on the stall will do. You can enjoy the live cooking exclusively and relishing the food accompanied by the breeze of the open-air setting.

#3 Pick by KajaNe Bali Villas – Rujak

This is a kind of fruit salad with a mix of sliced fruits and spicy, sweet, and tangy dressing. If you don’t have an idea how the combination of the flavors tastes like, you should go grab one. It is an excellent dessert after devouring your tipat cantok or tipat plecing. You can always define how many chilies and the kinds of fruit you would like to add to the fruit salad as well as whether you’d rather have the sweetness come from the use of palm brown sugar or white granulated sugar.

#4 Pick by Our Private Villa in Ubud – Satay

Although every part of countries has its own adaption for this skewered protein, in Bali there are several base seasonings such as peanut, Balinese basa genep, and Balinese spicy tomato. The protein varies from pork, beef, goat, chicken, and fish. The seller preps the dish in a rustic style by employing coconut palm skewers and then grilled them over the fire. The vendors usually put some sauce on the side so you can dip each satay and intensify the flavor. For the fish satay package, you might often find some additional side dishes such as fish soup, fish chip, and plecing too. The locals enjoy eating the cuisine with rice cake or a bowl of warm rice.

A Must-Try Beach Street Food in Bali

You can never forget the satisfaction when consuming these street foods under a cold, hungry stomach post-swimming on the Balinese beach. The hot barbequed sweet corn brushed with sweet and hot sauce is just banging on this occasion. Another one is lumpia, which is a fried wrap using pastry skin with vegetable fillings dipped with light peanut sauce. These two make a stunning combo and thus a must-try.

Can you mention other street food in Bali that we might have missed in this article?

Balinese street cuisines are not only confined to what we have listed above. If you are confused about where to begin your food venture, it is always nice to start from our HomeMADE restaurant at KajaNe Bali Villas.

We incorporate fresh produce for our whole dishes with numerous selections to choose from. If you are not ready yet there’s always a western option to turn to.  For the reservation of KajaNe Bali Villas especially KajaNe Mua and KajaNe Yangloni, our Private Villa in Ubud,  please contact us at +0361 4792361 or reservation@kajane.com.\

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