Relaxing Massage and Body Treatment at KajaNe Mua – Villa Ubud

        Bali is very famous for its traditional and relaxing massage all over the world. Getting to a spa should be one of the first things you do when hopping off the plane and reaching your accommodation in Ubud. Here in Ubud there are so many Spa places that offer a Balinese massage and other body treatment, and almost every Villa, Hotel, and Resort here have their special Spa services. Imagine yourself having a relaxing flower bath, inhaling the scent of frangipani and jasmine essential oils, right after pampering a massage performed by expert hands. That is a truly relaxing and freedom feeling ever that you will experience once you tried a body treatment in Bali. 

        Despite so many Spa places in Bali, KajaNe Mua – Villa Ubud could give you a different experience in massage and body treatment. We offer you a Bali HomeMADE Spa that will put your mind, body, and soul on a path toward a relaxation. For those who are feeling tired after a long trip, need to relax, and release the stress, our package suits best for you. From full-body massages, body treatment through aromatherapy and reflexology, our expert therapist will assure you a pleasant, soothing, and healthy experience. While receiving the body treatment, you can expect the calming views and tranquil sounds as the parts of ambiance. KajaNe Mua Bali Villas at Ubud is the perfect place to spend your quality time to treat your body better. Below is some KajaNe Spa package that offers here in KajaNe Mua – Villa Ubud.

Sun Burn Treatment 

An excellent package recommended after a day under the sun, with several choices of natural body mask will help to soothe the pain and naturally cool the burns, followed by a traditional simple facial, ended with soaking in an aromatic flower bath. It perfectly relieves the pain caused by the burns.


The two hours signature package from Bali HomeMADE Spa, each person who is looking for body and brainpower freshness, gaining strength from traveling. This package suits best for an individual who will explore Bali.

Kasmaran with Jamu Sari Rapet

It is one of Bali HomeMADE’s favorite by request. For those of you who are in the mood of love, feeling a honeymoon in the air. Our package suits the best for honeymooner, Bali Home Made is using special Jamu Sari Rapet for this treatment, Jamu Sari Rapet is a traditional Javanese herbal ingredient, and it says that this type of Jamu enhances female tightness. 

Sea Salt Bath

Indulge your senses with our special package, an aromatic foot bath, traditional massage, a selection of body scrub, and body mask to keep your skin soft, smooth, healthy, and well-nourished. Fresh flower bath with aroma sea salt to provide a medium for deep relaxation, as well as a feast of minerals for the skin. 

Whitening Body Package 

Find a different way of treating your body to be renewed and rejuvenated. We designed a new whitening treatment in which you could spoil your body. Start with a very fresh foot bath, and then you will be pampered by a very relaxing massage to prepared your body for the next treatment such as scrubbing with a choice of scrub. To maximize the use of scrub, a choice of a mask will fully whiten and renew your skin. Then, in the end, fond yourself relax by soaking in a fresh flower bath.

Exotic Package

An exotic traditional package, begun with a ritual foot bath and traditional massages followed by your choice of body scrub and body mask. This is a pampering package that will be ended with a rejuvenating facial, leaving you with a feeling of total renewal.

Paradise Package 

Feel as you are in a paradise. That is this package dedicated for. Catch this full treatment started from your toes until hair. Your therapist will indulge you with a fresh foot bath and then find your body to face and face to hair. This is the best choice for fully competing for your indulgence treatment.


Jayaprana is famous Balinese folklore from Singaraja region. This story Jayaprana is every girl’s dreamed man. I Nyoman Jayaprana was a man who came from Kalianget Village, a very handsome and charming man, and it said that every girl who had met him found him very attractive and ideal. This is a 3 hours package that is dedicated only to Man. In this story, a man can be so charming and handsome, and that is what Bali HomeMADE Spa designed this package for. (Man needs to be optimized by rebalancing the flows of Blood circulation, modifying performance with warmth and nutrition, and polished with extra care and a choice of scrub).


Jayaprana as famous Balinese folklore was told a story where a man was murdered by his stepfather for the beauty of his wife Layonsari. Ni Nyoman Layonsari was every boy’s dreamed girl; it said that she was strikingly beautiful, very sensual yet lovely. Every man who has met her always fall in love from the first sight. Well, this package is a 3 hours signature package which is dedicated only to Female. In the story, a woman can be so pretty and beautiful, and that is what Bali HomeMADE Spa designed this package for.

Special HomeMADE Spa

This is one of our organic packages for your pleasure. This package was specially designed by HomeMADE Spa for pampering you most traditionally. We are using Gingger oil to massage your whole body. All products are Home Made and organic.

Well, if you are looking for a Spa that offers many variations of packages to pamper yourself, KajaNe Spa is the best choice for you. Our Spa division consists of experienced therapists who are certified and have more than a year of experience. You can enjoy your favorite package and trust our therapist to give this special treatment to your body. You will have a completely relaxed feeling that you have never felt before. In the midst of this pandemic situation, we are also implementing strict health protocols to keep our guests safe. Our therapists have been trained in implementing safety protocols on how to care for our guests and cleaning the rooms before/after treatment to ensure the room is sterile. So, don’t hesitate to contact us for a reservation!

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