Best Ways to Navigate Lockdown at Kajane Bali Villas

Therapeutic Activities to Boost Your Psychological Wellbeing at KajaNe Bali Villas

Mental health awareness is escalating today. Every life aspect seems to be chaotic, especially after the emergence of Covid-19. It is important not to lose ourselves these days; it is normal to seek help, and what we’ve been through is nothing to be ashamed of. To recover and find the resolution, we should be strong enough to admit our weaknesses and reflect objectively concerning the heart of the issue. Only when we finally accept ourselves, then do we have the capability to move on. 

Aside from sharing our concerns with a medical professional, we can also search for ways to navigate the tension. In this article, we highlight what KajaNe Bali Villas can provide to help you out of the burden blocking your mind and hopefully can offer a light to bring out the best in you. 

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Good Food, Good Mood

Stress eating is real. Apparently, food is such a mood. When you are depressed, it’s likely for you to crave food. As long as you avoid overeating, they are always a reliable de-stressor. High-grade cooking ingredients from our resto are distributed by D’Paon Organic Garden. We take pride in our food quality and always strive to serve the best delicacies for our guests. Instead of embracing the careless eating habit, relish in our comfort meals at HomeMADE Restaurant and soothe your anxiety in the best way possible. We offer a new experience of combining the modern method of cooking with our special Balinese goodies. Vegan and western food options are available as well.

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Swim Away Your Worries 

Water has always been a therapeutic medium to cool down and relax. In addition, many people love listening to the sound of raindrops and waves. When you’re in a panic attack, gulping on some water has always been a good suggestion as well. Thus, aquatic therapy does exist. Water holds its healing magic that can calm us down and trigger our creativity. After all, playing with water is fun; you can just sit by the pool while dipping your feet, floating on the pool, or having few swim laps with your friends and loved ones. The best part about swimming in the private pool at KajaNe Bali Villas, you can also enjoy a floating breakfast. The aftereffect of swimming always heightens our hunger. Here, you can have a fun and happy belly at the same time.    

A Mind-Blowing Private Bath

Still revolving around a similar topic but on a different occasion, you can opt for a private hot bath experience. Not only have you felt instant lavishness in it, but luxuriating in a hot bath can also improve your mood. It’s the perfect isolation you need; in the warmth of a bath and with a few blissful drops of bubble bath liquid to create a relaxing sensation. It allows you to induce a comforting feeling by releasing your tensed muscles. You can get better sleep and enhance the body’s immunity to ward off the symptoms of flu and cold as well. 

Detoxifying Spa

A spa day is a perfect cure to regain balance from the mental turmoil you have suffered from. It is the nicest gift you can reward yourself with after all the hard work you’ve been putting yourself into. There’s something about all those gentle pressures and the freshness you get after a spa treatment. We’ve been utilizing the mixture of Ayurveda and Chinese reflexology methods in our Balinese massage. The organic ingredients of our rubbing oils, baths, and scrubs which are applied to your body ignite the glow within you. On the other hand, acupressure gives you a fix to particular points in your body. There are diverse spa regimens that you can choose from at KajaNe Bali Villas’ HomeMADE Spa. Arrange it to your need and be prepared to welcome a brand new you afterward.     

 Join Kajane Bali Villas’ Yoga Class or DIY Yoga With a View

Grab your mat and get ready to crack some moves. To do yoga on a tropical island is the best natural medication for distress. Learning how to breathe slowly and in control allows more oxygen to come into your lungs, thus, it can help you to think and function better. It is something that you should give a try, doing yoga surrounded by the nature in the early morning. Either joining our yoga class or practicing it in private, both equally can rejuvenate your restless soul. 

Find Other Relaxing Activities at Kajane Bali Villas!

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