The Best Bali Villas: Experience Your Unforgettable Holiday in This Paradise

Bali is incredibly beautiful with natural places such as tropical white sand beaches, greenery rice fields, amazing natural waterfalls, classical and traditional historical buildings until elegant and modern buildings. Besides, Bali is also rich with ancient cultures, many people feel interested to know more about Balinese. Ubud is part of Bali that becomes the first place “must be visited” while you spend your holiday in Bali. This area is considered as a home of the resort, because of so many great selections of luxurious resorts that offer amazing views besides budget and locally-run homestays and guesthouses. You can expect elegant chalets and villas, pools, water features, amazing onsite dining venues, and spas that are set against natural backdrops of rice fields or green forests.

KajaNe Resort is one of the famous resort in Ubud that offers a great hospitality service, it will satisfy you while staying and spend a holiday in Bali. This is a luxurious Bali Villas where you dare to dream of a long-life filled with travel memories. KajaNe Resort consists of three different parts. KajaNe Mua is located in the Hearth of Ubud, KajaNe Yangloni in the Town of Ubud, and KajaNe Tulamben at the shore’s edge. This resort was exclusively designed to provide all conveniences of traveling in Bali. KajaNe commits to preserving the Balinese heritage and culture yet harmonizes them with contemporary hospitality, services, and facilities. We happily provide you some variant package activities to accompany your day while staying at our resort such as:

Yoga Retreat

Ubud is a famous place for doing Yoga. Yoga lovers from all around the world put Ubud as the best places to held Yoga Event, Retreat, Teacher Training, and some Yoga Class or Workshop from famous Guru or Yoga Teacher. As the name “Ubud” deriving from the word “Ubad” means Medicine. This is why Ubud is a wonderful place to restore your energy, giving a piece of your mind and satisfy your soul with abundant positive vibes. We preserved a taste of real villa at KajaNe Yangloni Bali Villas which providing complete facilities to held a Yoga retreat or healing holistically.

KajaNe’s Caravan

One and only at KajaNe Resort, experience magnificent traveling with us. Forget those luxurious hotels with their expensive facilities, when price means nothing than the experience itself. Caravan Managed by KajaNe comes with the trigger to provide a truly experienced adventure to get you to immerse into the beauty of Bali, its nature, and culture. Feel how Bali’s nature gives you the satisfaction of traveling in Bali. Just sit on your comfortable sofa or bed, our professional butler will drive you to the most epic places in Bali. Sleep out beneath the star or be in your own Caravan, save your travel time and you always have an option to enjoy what mother earth provides Bali.

KajaNe’s Ubud Trekking

Bali will not as famous as now if not because of the agricultural space that spread almost in every area in Bali. Especially in Ubud, this part of Bali still has a large green land with the rice field or other types of crops. So, don’t miss its beauty by leaving the chance to explore it. The wonderful view of a huge rice field, green tropical view, and cultural life of its society. Our trekking activity would be perfect for you, this is a chance to experience yourself walking in the middle of the rice field while enjoying the greenery views. Either the short track or the longer one, we are eager to guide you to explore Ubud’s beauty

KajaNe’s Ubud Cycling

Cycling now has become a popular activity in these pandemic situations, even we have entered new normal still many people are doing cycling activity. Our resort provides a cycling activity with the best route that will make you amazed to see the different side of Bali. Having fun while cycling. Get your feet on the pedal and ride to Ubud countryside. Witnessing the beauty of Ubud nature and its cultural life through fun cycling. We provide several routes with unique and surprising amazing en route, be ready to getting more close to see our Balinese society.

Bete Bete Kite Lesson

Now Bali is in windy weather. many children even as adults now spend their time playing kites. During your stay with your family in Bali, this is the best chance to experience making and playing kites at our resort. By making kites activity it will give your kids more experience. We offer your kids the opportunity to learn how to create their own kites and mastering how to fly it high above the sky. Playing Kite is not merely how to fly it highly above on the sky, but learning how to create it will give a more benefit and special memory to the kids.

Don’t wait any longer to book your room now! This is the Best Bali Villas choice to spend your holiday with beloved family. Experience an unforgettable and memorable holiday just by joining various activities at our resort. You will have a wonderful day and getting more closer to Balinese culture and society with us!

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