Safe Vacation with KajaNe Bali Villas during ‘PPKM’ Restrictions

KajaNe Bali Villas abides by the policies set by the Government in anticipation of Delta variant from the derivation of the Covid-19 virus.

Only in a blink of an eye, Bali felt relieved for the declined cases of Covid-19. Starting from July 3 until the next 17 days, Bali is in another phase of a strict restriction policy. Prolonged shut down is also possible if increased cases continue further.

What can we expect from this?

Taking a closer look at the figure reached by Friday (2/7/2021), about 25.830 people added the number of new infection cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia. Therefore, to push down the spread with the direction of the Central Government of the Indonesian Republic, President Joko Widodo as well as according to the instruction published by the Minister of Home Affairs Number 15 of 2021, the Implementation of Restrictions on Emergency Community Activities for Corona Virus Disease 2019 will take effect in the Java and Bali Regions.

This includes certain regulations from:

  • Work from office (WFO) that can only be performed 100% for the critical sector by following a strict health protocol; 50% for the essential sector; and WFH 100% for the non-essential sector.
  • Offline schools are still unavailable.
  • A change of operational hours and the number of visitors for supermarkets, malls, traditional markets, and stores overall. They can only operate until 8 pm with the capacity of 50% visitors maximum.
  • Dine-in prohibition for restaurants and eateries with the alternative of take-away.
  • Performing religious practices can only be at home as the occurrence of temporary shut down for major religious sites.
  • Cultural and social activities that cover gathering events are not allowed.
  • Temporary shut down for public facilities including parks, tourist destinations, and other public areas.
  • A change of regulation for attendees in wedding receptions. They can only be at a maximum of 30 people with a restriction to eat on-site.

What about the regulation for traveling?

Continuing the instruction established by the Minister of Home Affairs, long-distance travelers to Java and Bali by private cars, motorbikes, buses, trains, and ships must prove negative Covid-19 result via antigen test one day before traveling. While those who opt for air transportation must show a negative Covid-19 result via PCR test two days before the departure. To demonstrate that they are safe for traveling, additionally, they have to show their vaccine card that indicates they already got through at least the first dose of Covid-19 vaccination.

GeNose Test Is Not Longer in Existence

The Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster carried on stating that the GeNose test requirement is no longer valid for Bali travelers via air, land, and sea transportation. Symptomatic travelers with a negative Covid-19 test result are not to pursue the trip in any way possible. Applying the health protocols in the public transportations comprises obeying the 3M health protocols. These are by putting on a mask, regularly washing hands, and keeping physical distance.

 Furthermore, to correctly wear a medical mask or a three-layer cloth mask that covers their nose and mouth so as not to speak during the trip. A less than two-hour trip does not allow the travelers to eat and drink on public transportation unless for medical purposes, an exception for those who need to take their medications.

KajaNe Bali Villas Caters Your Travelling Needs for Staycation by Being CHSE-Certified

Although it is best for you to stay home at this point, we understand that the holiday is what keeps us going. Moreover, workers stay working at the convenience of their homes. The restriction does not mean we cannot have a little bit of fun.

Rather than stressing out to think of where to spend your day off outside your home, you can always rely on a staycation with your family and loved ones. Our Ubud family villa in Yangloni is perfect for travelers who long for rejuvenating in the Ubud’s greenbelt. Another option is to go on vacation at KajaNe Mua, our private villa in Ubud center. 

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Anywhere you choose with KajaNe Bali Villas, we always ensure our guests a prime safe staycation experience. We observe the set protocols without losing the essence of hospitality Bali is famous for.

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